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    Ladies going out in the dark not advisable then why cant they demand men to be indoors after 7 pm ?

    When ever incidents of atrocity happens on women, the general demand from the public says that the girls and ladies must not venture out in the dark and if at all they have the compulsion to go out, they must move with male partners or with some security. But I have also came across demands from the women that why cant there be a rule that men should be prohibited and advised to stay indoors after 7 pm for the security of women. Well the argument seems to be interesting and may get mixed responses from many. I want ISC members also to react on this ?
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    In case only women are outdoor after the dark without any men outside, then there will no danger to the women. They will be able to travel or do their work safely. Therefore if all men are indoor, then women can very well be out even after dark.
    But that will be like dividing the day, in two shifts - one for men and another for women, which is not possible. They have to coexist.
    The general demand of housewives in respect of their husbands to come back in the home in the evening without spending too much time outdoor is because of this reason. Generally, it is always seen as a sign of danger if men start spending time outdoor in the evening. It indicates that they have something else to do other than looking after their own family affairs.
    Ideally, the whole word should be like a family. Within a family, both men and women coexist without posing a threat to each other throughout the day.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The situation is completely about the cities and metros where women go for work and came in late evening hours. Due to the situation, many private companies provides security for women like pickup and drop facility, one security attendant with them, etc. As there is no provision for women to work in government sector, there is no worry about govt employees.
    However, in villages the situation is completely different. Both men and women work together. They go to bed at 8/9 pm after having dinner at 7pm and at early 3 o'clock then wake up, after fresh up they go for farming before sunrise. Women in villages are very brave and I've seen in some villages' women dominant men in every phase.
    Hence, there is no need separate timing for men and women as per my analysis.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    I think there won't be any change Mr. Mohan. Crimes against women are committed not only during night but also during day time. So, what if women are prohibited during day time? That won't be of any use either. Instead, it creates a job quake (a word I created). In many companies, males and females need to work together. Without one's help, the others can't complete their work. Just imagine what happens if female ISC members are restricted during day time and male ISC members are restricted during night time. Suppose a person wants to commit a crime against a woman. He will commit another crime by not following the rule of prohibition during night. In my opinion, these crimes are being committed due to the false mind set of people.

    And, note that men are not always the culprits. Some women also make false accusations on men for money. Previously, women oriented movies are encouraged. Now a days, most people are calling such movies as feminist crap because such movies are always depicting men as criminals. I am not against women but I cannot accept that it is always a man's mistake. An incident proving my point happened in my college some months back. A girl and a boy fell in love. The girl wanted to get rid of him after some days. For that, she filed a harassment case against him and he is put in jail for some days. When it is proved that they both are lovers for real and the girl is lying (from the photos they took together), police released the boy but didn't even punish her. Then, she said that the photos were morphed. Don't you think she should be punished? That day, I was disgusted with the society supporting only a woman without even knowing what happened.

    #574949 : Even if company provides a security attendant, the crimes can't be controlled. What if the security attendant himself commits the crime? On the other hand, a man with an intention to commit a crime against a woman first gets rid of the male partner. We all know that there is a male with Nirbhaya when the brutal crime was committed against her.

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    A good point Krishna, We have been witness to the cases where women employees are sexually assaulted by the very person to whom their security is entrusted. How to deal with such situations?

    Restricting men or women from venturing out during day, or night would not be something that would reduce the rate of crime against women. The mindset needs a change and until that comes through - you won;t be able to expect any improvement.

    Moreover, all men are not criminals. Why restrict all of them just because just a handful of their lot have been into a criminal mindset?

    Live....and Let Live...!

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