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    Once in a while you make yourself a priority for others. That is necessary to asert also.

    When ever we are in gathering for some inauguration or events, the organizers wont start the function just because the main persons whom they have invited have not turned up yet and hence the delay. Likewise in our true life too, when we wont make our self a priority person, the society wont care us. Do something which must attract others and for which they must be eagerly waiting for you. It may be your arresting looks, your towering presence, or your body language. Some people presence itself bring many people to that fora. What is your say on this ?
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    It is true that nobody will care and wait about a worthless individual, but at the same time, generally it is also true that only worthless people gather for just having a look at a celebrity. We come across news that many people wait outside the bungalows of Bollywood celebrities for hours together just to have a passing glance over them. Many celebrities grant audience to their fans by appearing in their balconies and sometimes they wave a hand also.
    I could never find any reason for such a behavior of people. How having seen a celebrity alive is going to change their life.
    Because of such reasons, the celebrities have to employ an army of bodyguards while venturing out in public.
    At family level also, in case some member is able to distinguish himself/herself by some singular achievement , then he/she becomes a minuscule household celebrity and is accorded special priority treatment in using the washrooms also or while taking meals.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is nothing wrong in delaying a function if it is for a great person. And by great person, I don't mean a movie star etc,. A person with a great character is a great person. Even the presence of such a person is enough to give a good look to the entire function. In our college, a movie star is the chief guest for most of the functions like annual day etc,. The dean of our college and that movie star know each other. Our dean always says that "I didn't call him here because he is a movie star. I called him because of his good character." which makes our dean a great person too.

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