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    Joint family, nuclear family now atomic family, what is next?

    It is sad to see family splits itself from having over ten to none now a days.

    We used to see over 10 family members stay together without a clash or misunderstanding in the past this family pattern almost reached nowhere to find these days.

    Later we saw nuclear family which splits from its earlier joint family for various reasons of their own.

    Now the trend is atomic family husband at one place, wife at elsewhere and kids nowhere.

    The issue is discussed zillion number of times at million number of places yet it is evergreen issue to discuss.

    Is it the gain of liberalization or globalization it is really confusing to read?

    What is your take on this issue?
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    There is no meaning of the term 'family' when relations were divided from joint to nuclear, and now atomic. It is completely wrong to articulate the word 'family' in an atomic family as there is no group of person stays at a single place. The meaning of family has fallen down in these days completely. The couple in new generation are just concentrating their whole time on earning, by forgetting their family and parents those who're waiting for them at home since long time.
    Naresh Kumar
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    People are carving for achievements at the individual level. They are no longer satisfied with playing the second fiddle in the overall scenario.
    The joint family system used to be like a big orchestra where individual musicians had no identity and the overall musical outcome used to be a product of combined efforts of all concerned. In such a system, it was possible for the weaker and the non-performers also to survive.
    Since agriculture was the main source of income, the family members used to inherit the agricultural fields of their ancestors and share the income of the same jointly.
    Nowadays, with the spread of education and after tasting the blood of development, people wish to make progress at individual levels by excelling in their chosen fields. The earning capacities of the family members depend on their individual capabilities instead of on the inherited common property of the forefathers. Therefore, when the women from other families join such joint families, they are not satisfied with the distribution of their husband's income with the incompetent one in the family, which is leading to migration.

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    For argument level, it can be good as one can argue the nuclear family or atomic family are good and advisable but practically when a problem or worst situation comes to such a person it is very difficult to explain.
    Recently a parent in Chennai met such situation. They have two sons both were employed and settled in some foreign country. The mother got paralytic attack and in bedridden. The father only helped totally to her as well for himself. Since they are getting pension and own house, there was no problem financially except their feeling of sons were not with them. One early morning this man lit the gas stove and started to prepare cofee for him and his wife. suddenly he felt some bad pain in chest and due to attack he sat near the stove and died. By feeling the smell of gas and milk blackish, the lady called her husband as if he would gone some other end. Without getting any answer she tried to got up and blocking the gas continuously as the entire doors were closed she also died with fear and breathing the gas. By later hours only this was came to light to neighbors and they informed police and they took necessary steps further. We are easily speaking that nothing will happen to us and we do not need others for our family etc.,
    But to the question, my answer will be the joint family system will come again as the nature is cyclic.

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    Now a days, everyone wants to have privacy. So, after marriage or getting a job, everyone is staying away from his/her parents. Parents and children may stay in different houses but not too far from each other. There should be frequent contact between parents and children through telephone etc,. In my opinion, joint families and nuclear families are acceptable but not atomic families. I mean, what is the purpose of marrying if you can't live with your spouse and children? It is okay in extreme cases but still atomic families cannot be considered as families. The next stage may be disintegration i.e. loss of values etc,.

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    Definitely, the next logical step would be 'no family'. Of late, it has already been started in major cities of India. Many young couples are in 'live-in' relationship. They don't feel the urge of a family. They also don't want to take responsibility of raising a family or child/children. So, they prefer 'live-in' relationship.
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    Well the author had a nice dig at the modern living pattern of every family. Some of us are still living in joint family set by virtue of elders being present amid us. Some are having nuclear family by virtue of their working place transfers and thus forced to live aloof from others. And the present age of is atomic family where in husband and wife are living separately due to their transfers in job. Especially we can see a bank employee being transferred to other branches out of the circle and thus the whole family gets disturbed. Kuch paana hai tho kuch kona hai goes the old saying and that suits here. Surely the next level would be no enjoyment and no family.
    K Mohan
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    This is not a new concept. It is has been in existence since ages. It is only because urban couples are choosing to live apart, in different cities that the issue is being highlighted. The number of urban couples who choose to live in different cities is few. It hasn't become an 'epidemic' or a reason for concern. Moreover, couples who are in a distant marriage, schedule 'meeting' time. They plan their leave such that they can be together. They are ambitious, which is why they give their career more importance, but in that neither of the two is being selfish. Marriage is a partnership – and any decision jointly taken cannot be questioned. If the setup works well for a couple, society is no one to question it.

    Everyone seems to forget that men have always moved to greener pastures, in search of livelihood – better jobs, higher pays, better living conditions. Men are known to leave their families behind and move to cities and big towns. It happens in every state.

    Look at migrant workers – they live without their families, for most part of their lives. Look at the soldiers who get posted to far-flung regions – they live alone for most of the time too, going home only during annual leave.

    As a society, we show double standards, by questioning couples where the woman chooses to live in a different city owing to her ambition/job, but don't raise an eyebrow when the woman is 'made to rot' back in the village!

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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