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    More things can be learn from a failure than a winner

    A great saying by our former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, "Don't read success stories, you will get only message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success." There are many more famous quotes on failure/success which I don't want to put here. I just want the authors' point of view on failure Vs success. How a failure could be more helpful than a winner for others? Does really following a failure's pathway help a walker to reach his aim or become a successful person? What things can be learnt from a failure that a successful person doesn't have?

    My thought: When a scientist succeeds in his research after 100 failures, he teaches others to don't try these 100 failures indirectly. However, when a scientist succeeds in a single attempt, he only teaches a single lesson. Here I'm confused, learning a single lesson is fruitful or knowing 100 lessons!

    Please comment your views on failure and success; also about my confusion thought.
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    Learning is an attitude, a way of life or lifestyle. An individual having a learning attitude will always learn something even from failures. It is often preached that one should learn from others mistakes, instead of wasting time in experimenting himself/herself and thus learn through a trial and error process. However, the persons lacking learning attitude never learn.
    Generally, most of the people don't like other's suggestions and advice. They tend to take such gestures as an intrusion in their privacy. Moreover, they grossly label the experienced persons as old fashioned and as not gelling with their preferences and priorities.
    There are few standard norms like doing hard work in studies, saving money for future, refraining from bad habits smoking/drinking/gambling etc. But the younger generations generally don't listen to such advice. Instead, they do whatever they think fit and fail. Only wiser among them learn from their failures and achieve some improvement in the next attempt.
    Unfortunately, most of them become shameless and pretend that they wish to become an Olympian instead of a doctor, scientist or an engineer.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    That quote by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is amazing. In my opinion, learning from a failure is better than learning from a success. I strictly follow the quote "Knowing what not to do is better than knowing what to do" in my life. A person who failed and succeeded will have more knowledge than a person who succeeded in the first attempt. Case in point, one of my friends failed in 'C Programming' subject. It took three years for him to pass that subject. But now, he knowledge in C Programming is way too high when compared to the knowledge in C programming of our class topper. An always successful person won't know what to do when he/she faces an obstacle. On the other hand, a person who has his share of successes and failures will overcome that obstacle in the best way possible. And, I completely agree with your thought about the scientist with 100 failures. My quote related to this context is "Be happy if you succeed. Be more happy if you fail as you won't repeat the same mistake again.

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    Only a person who faces multiple failures knows the value of hard work and success. Failure always teaches many lessons. Only a failure person will analyse the reason for his/her failure. If a person finds the reason for failure, then he/she will not repeat the same mistake again and moreover even if other person does the same mistake then he/she will be in a position to figure it out easily. The person who faces success immediately will not know the value of success. The obstacles which we face in our life always teach us some lessons which will be useful for us at any point of time in our life. So it is always better to learn from our failures.

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    What I also strongly feel that when we have trouble free life, that wont teach us the lessons to be alert when the crisis comes. From every problem we try to learn things to overcome the same. Some times the problems are small and that must be attended to avoid it aggravating further in future. There is a old saying that " A stitch in time saves nine. " that means if we attend to the problems and challenges then and there it self, surely we can have good and peaceful life. Even in the Military campus I could see a bill board written as " Success wont teach us lessons for the life, only failures will bring in new ideas ".
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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