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    Driving out ego in us should be our primary motto

    Ego in us dragging us into a deep sea of sorrow. Without knowing this point, we all of us possessing ego in us and wandering in this world.

    Being a human being, the name, education, income, respect are given to us by others only and even the first and last bath, first and last feeding are done by others, why, the funeral services and burial also done by others. In such circumstances, we possess ego and offer nothing others from
    our side. How fool we are as deriving help from others in our entire life, we are offers nothing.

    Once upon a time, a Rishi was having his parnasala cum patasala in a den and having many disciples learning from him by construing him as Guru. However the ego among them was not went away or even diminished. Often they fought themselves that 'I am the senior'. This made the Guru very much worried and he wanted to remove the ego in them. One day, another Rishi from Nothern part of the country came there to see the Guru as he went to Himalayas and other places. After discussion on many things each other, one fine morning on his leaving the visitor Rishi gave a speech to the students. He, during his speech, narrated many things about the
    divine and he told that ,'the main purpose of visiting this parnasala that as it was told by Lord Shiva in divine voice that He, Lord Shiva is in this parnasala in the guise of one student. I do not know Lord Shiva is in which student, so, I worship all of you in the form of Shiva'. With this he saluted all the students by asking them to stand before him and went out. Since then, there was a change among the students and they act every moment by keeping in mind that the other may be Lord Shiva. They drive away all their ego and act uniformly. The Rishi felt happy.

    This may be a story read by me and narrated here but in the real sense the Lord is in us only so, we should keep in our mind that we should not err on any situation as He is watching us every moment. We should leave ego from us.
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    Dissolution of ego is the final degree of learning. All education, experience, knowledge and learning is practically in vain, in case even a residual trace of ego remains. The Ravana was considered such a learned person that even Rama acknowledged the same and sent Lakshmana to him when he was dying to learn a few things from him. But because of his ego, he became the villain. That way he can never be said to be a truly knowledgeable person.
    We have many mythological stories about the evil of ego and how it led to the annihilation of even the mightiest.
    Coming back to the ground level, ego acts like a closed valve which effectively prevents learning. The very first step of learning is to acknowledge that we lack something, rather many things and have to improve ourselves.
    It is rightly said that -
    'Vidya dadati vinayam, vinayadyati patratam,
    patratvaddhanamapnoti, dhanaddharmam tatah sukham'

    which means that true knowledge gives discipline, from discipline one acquires worthiness, from worthiness one gets wealth, from wealth one performs good deeds and from that comes joy.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Pranams to your sanskrit knowledge, kailash JI!

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    In my opinion, ego is a negative catalyst for development. A person with ego can't ask other people about anything about which he/she don't know. His/her ego constructs a barrier. Even if an egoist is successful at present, he/she will face the consequences in future as ego always leads to destruction eventually, no matter how much talent a person has. By the way Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman, the story you mentioned is very nice. Once we start to see the talent of others, we start becoming more talented.

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    What a lovely story narrated by the other regarding ego and its effects. Surely ego has been playing its worst game and many are simply wasting their time boasting their ego for nothing. For some they want to help others, but one must seek them for help. For some they insists that their timely help be acknowledged now and then with others. For many ego is their birth right and they would assert it to attain anything in life. Ego is the cause for misunderstanding, ego is the cause for break up of relations, break up of friendship and above all the whole mankind getting ruined by having ego.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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