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    Following everything from western countries except good things

    In the present day trend we all of us following many things from dressing,eating etc., from the western country in the name of style, hygienic. But simply we forget our tradition is having its own pride as many of the foreign /western people are following ours. We can see in many western countries there are temples with regular festivals there are cultural programs on our Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabaratha staged.
    Why this much, we Indians are nowadays hesitating to take the child with them even on road but they are holding or carrying their pet dogs or pet animals. Breastfeeding is forgotten in almost many mothers as we found many news by Doctors stressing the breastfeeding is good to child and mother.
    A woman member of parliament, Mm.Licia Ronzulli, Italian European MP, took her child with her while attending his parliament meeting in the country (see photo)
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    As a matter of fact, people tend to observe differences between the western and Indian culture more than noticing the similarities. There are more similarities than difference between the two cultures. We can learn traffic discipline, waiting patiently in a queue for our turn, refraining from adulteration and under measurement and be sincere and devoted to our respective duties.
    We can learn as to how to win Olympic medals and produce new technology products which make the life of a common man easier.
    Breast feeding is given due importance in the developed countries. They have a system under which breast milk can be stored up to 6 months in deep freezers. There are breast milk banks also. They scrupulously follow the norms that at least up to 6 months only mother's breast milk should be fed to the babies. Even external water is not fed. The mothers use pumps to extract the breast milk and store the same in the deep freezer in case so required.
    Medical practitioners avoid giving antibiotics unnecessarily to the patients, particularly babies. There are dedicated areas in shopping malls etc. for breast feeding.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is all about the destruction your local culture due to practicing others'. Nowadays, many women are feeling guilty to take their baby along with to some parties, events, and other places, on thinking of their image and loss of prestige in the workplace, etc. However, women in villages are very workaholic and I've seen such scenes of women carrying their babies during work. There are some adverse effect to baby if carry all the time during work, concerning to its health.
    But why shy to feed your own baby in public places like trains, buses, offices, etc when the child is needs food. Doctors always counsel the lactating ladies not to wear jeans and tight costumes and must feed the baby regularly; but some ladies don't care about the advices. They simply do as their mind says. It is completely ridiculous and unhealthy for both child and mother.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    These days, a swapping of Indian good habits and Foreign bad habits is happening. I mean, Indians are getting all the bad habits of foreign countries whereas the foreigners are getting all the good habits of India. Former American president Barack Obama always carries a Lord Hanuman Pendant with him. It is a shame that many Indians are feeling shy to carry such pendants/god related things in public. Most of the Indian mothers, who feel shy to breast feed or their babies or carry them to public places must take Ms. Licia Ronzulli as an inspiration/role model.

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    I do appreciate the anguish expressed by the author that we are slowly drifting away from our culture and aping the western one which suits to us for time being because we want to be in the good looks of our friends and relatives. The modern women is not more having likes for nurturing the baby. They give that responsibility to a baby sitter and thus the child loose the charm of cuddling and playing with mother. In the due course the child wont have any bonding with mother and difference of opinion on every small matter would spark the day and that would continue.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I am amazed at the knowledge being imparted here. Everyone seems to know how modern women conduct themselves and what they are ashamed of. There has to be some rationale when comments regarding a gender are being made. It is lame to pass comments on the modern woman, without actually knowing the modern woman. Turning, the one odd experience you all might have had into a universal truth is being unfair. Hearsay is what is being discussed here.

    The modern woman may not nurse her child in public. How is a conclusion drawn that she does not nurse her child at all? It is ironic that most men want a spouse who earns – yet it is men who point a finger at women who leave their children with baby sitters. A woman cannot work and look after the child.

    Most times people come to their own conclusions.

    @Krishna - You refer to President Obama, as 'former'. He still holds office. If you saw the interview the American President gave, you would have noted that he said "lucky charms… I have a habit of always carrying…I have a whole bowl of them…I pick out a few things that I just stick in my pocket…this is what I had in my pocket today." He always carries 'totems or lucky charms' that people gave him, but not necessarily the same ones each day.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    Let us talk about ladies! During my teen-age, I learnt (of course on my own-no credit to elders) to appreciate the beautiful dresses of ladies. I used to appreciate beautiful sarees and the style of wearing sarees of Bengali ladies. Later in North-East, I was dumb-struck by the beautiful 'mekhlas' of Assamese and Khasi ladies, in particular. In Orissa and Tamil Nadu, sarees of different style made me spell-bound. In Mahrashtra, the different style of wearing sarees by the traditional Marathi and Parsee ladies astonished me. When I came to Delhi, I started appreciating the salwar of Punjabi and other North-Indian ladies.

    But! Alas! Nowadays I notice a remarkable change in dress code being followed by young women and working ladies. All the metro cities of India have lost their distinct regional dresses of ladies, especially working ladies of these metros. All the college-going girls and working ladies all over India have shifted to uniform western dress. I simply don't like this westernisation.

    So far as other aspects of westernisation of Indian ladies, I am not fit to comment.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I believe that this is some sort of conspiracy, aimed at wiping out our prestigious Indian tradition and culture. People are being influenced to follow Western culture, The working environment and the dress codes of the corporates push their employees into wearing Western wear, men have abandoned their traditional Dothi and kurtha several years ago and women clad in saris at office are becoming scarce. TV serials, movies and commercials also influence people into embracing Western culture, they picturize the foreign culture as something great and attractive, they make people believe that, it is something which the celebrities to successful people follow and if they don't change their old ways, they would remain as ignorant folks. While people in the Western world look at the Indian traditions and culture with respect and envy. Companies need to sell all their jams, jellies, sauces, instant cereals and toxic soft drinks hence they hire cunning celebrities who trick the unsuspecting common people into believing that to be classy and trendy one must have instant cereals, breads and burgers for breakfast therefore people ditch nutritious Indian breakfasts like roti, idly, dosa and others for unhealthy, sugar and fat laden processed foods and toxic soft drinks. With the changes in diet and dressing other changes step in, People are becoming insensitive and the divorce cases are on the rise as egoistic people have forgot to forget and forgive. They feel like it is absolutely normal to divorce their spouse for silly reasons . Children are also influenced by the change, they distance themselves from their parents, so as to enjoy an independent life. Moral values are thrown to the wind. Youngsters are lured into pubs, they are lured into drinking and dating. They don't find anything wrong with going for a live in relationship.
    If this trend continues there won't be Indian traditional values and culture in the near future.

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    @Partha - I see humour in your post. For one, I find that you've been busy since your teen years. There is a hint of an underlying male behavior in the way you describe your admiration for the female wardrobe! It's all natural, I'm not complaining. However, please know that women dress to please themselves, not for the pleasure of others.

    I am one for gender equality. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. You cannot have a different set of rules for the sexes. You missed describing your own kind.

    Indian men abandoned traditional Indian attire ages ago. If your profile pic is any indication, I see you're no different. Men switched to the pant and shirt and forgot what it was to wear the 'kurta-pajama' or the 'dhoti-kurta' or the 'kachcha' with the drawstring – the one with multi-coloured vertical stripes! In came the suits and the ties and of course the branded briefs. The muslin 'banian' with a pocket, stitched to size by the local tailor, made way for the hosiery vests.

    I have never come across women complaining about men not following traditions when it comes to dressing. Is it only the male prerogative to find fault with how women choose to dress? I find this whole business of men wanting to be in charge a little hypocritical. This is such a farce. Shun western wear before pointing that finger at the opposite sex.

    @Jith – Your talk of conspiracy and all that you have mentioned in your post is all very well. But, what is stopping people from refusing to be part of the conspiracy? We are a free nation, and a free people. We should learn to say 'No'. I think everyone is capable of making decisions and standing by them. No one can force people to do things without their consent. The decision to be part of something rests with us. If we abhor corporate culture and everything alien then we must refuse to accept the same.

    It is only our politicians who wear Indian attire with much pride. Everyone else apes the west and cries fowl. 'Be the change that you want to wish to see in the world'. No one dictates your personal space – shun those tee-shirts, jeans and trousers and go 'desi' with pride.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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