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    Learning from others should be in us

    The incidents happening daily around us only to learned by us or not to do similar by us. But forgetting this we are acting on our own and meet disaster.

    The others are set themselves as an example and we should learn from them.

    Tamilnadu then CM M.G.Ramachandran was acting as a role model for humanitarian. Once he visited Madurai for some meeting and stayed in a Hotel. By hearing this many fans (as he was a notorious film actor before his CM portfolio) gathered there to get a photograph with him. He said ok and asked a photographer who came with him to take photos with them. While everything over, they dispersed but MGR called all again and asked whether they know the name and address of the photographer. They told as 'NO' then MGR asked the photographer to give his visiting card to them and asked the fans to collect the fotos from him afterward.

    Earlier it was started in the year 1962-63, by Mr.K.Kamaraj (1954-63), then CM in the name of 'free Mid day meals Scheme'. During 1982, MGR upgraded the existing mid-day meal scheme in the state into Nutritious food scheme. For this MGR's view is attached herewith.
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    I agree with you Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman in saying that we should learn from others, especially from the persons with great character. I don't know anything bout MGR except his name but what you said gives a feel that he is a good person. We may not be able to do everything done by such persons. So, we should try to do at least some.

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    Popular personalities can do a lot by spreading good messages among the masses. However, we find that most of the celebrities make it a commercial venture and endorse brands for earning money.

    M. G. Ramachandran or MGR as he is known popularly was conferred by the Government of India Bharat Ratna (posthumously) in the year 1988. He was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka and his origin is from a Malayali Nair family.

    The former Minister of External Affairs Natwar Singh has alleged in his autobiography that MGR had financed the LTTE and facilitated their military training in Tamil Nadu. Also, it is alleged that he had given emphasis on welfare schemes like free electricity to farmers, mid-day meal schemes etc. which had affected the infrastructure development in the state due to the diversion of funds.

    He was so popular that after his death at the age of 71 years, the police had to issue shoot-at-sight orders to control the mob involved in a frenzy of looting and rioting all over the state. Around 10 lakh people had followed his remains and 30 followers had committed suicide.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    From the past leaders, surely we can learn many things. For example Indira Gandhi was a great leader and she used to control the party with utmost care and no dissident reported during her regime. No one would dare to speak against her. Likewise NTR had the charisma of attracting people to his side with his chaste speech in Telugu that mesmerized every one. If NTR would have been alive today, he had the good chance of being our Prime Minister too. Some leaders force us to learn some thing from them and that is the greatness of their relations with the people and society.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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