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    Why we are not giving respect to our traditions but foreigners do?

    We are hearing daily through televisio/radio, reading in newspapers that objections for wearing traditional dress in temples and public places. Lawyers are intending to wear color dress, students refuse to wear uniforms etc.,
    When we go to the the temple cities like Madurai, Rameswaram, Guruvayur, Trichirapalli, srirangam etc., we can see many foreign tourists wearing dhotis and saris. Even they are wearing tilaks and flowers but we people hesitate to do so, Why?

    They are eating in our hotels with their hands instead of spoons and forks but we need spoon even for dosa and chapati/parota.

    Recently, Mr.Mathew Heiden, Australia Cricketer, visited Madurai Meenakshi Temple with Dhothi only. But many of us, Indians, found arguing at the entrance of the temples on the dress issue.
    When we correct ourselves and honour our tradition?
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    Here people start commenting if someone wears dhoti or saree during any puja or at temple. We always look from outside, not inside. If the inner feelings are good near God and Puja, then why concern about wearing traditional costumes at the same time? Foreigners do follow perfectly whatever they think important for them; it may be during sports, games, education, research, religious things, or anything else. However, sometime we Indians make adjustment or compromise during pujas. Some pujaris do puja and yajnas even if some important is missing during that ritual; they do adjustment instead of knowing the requisite.
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    Many foreigners wear Indian clothes while visiting India as a tourist, as a fashion statement only and revert back to their own comfortable garments at the earliest.
    We in Indians have shifted to the western clothes from dhoti/sari to jeans on merit basis only. Jeans are much more durable, requires least maintenance like regular ironing etc. and convenient while working as well as while walking etc. One can sleep while wearing the jeans and get up to proceed ahead without bothering for creases etc.
    The traditional Indian clothes, on the other hand, are cumbersome to manage and not suited for working people, being loose and baggy.
    As a matter of fact during the long foreign rule, particularly the Muslim rule, the women had to cover their body fully as a 'purdah'.
    Nowadays, the trend is that the girl playing the role of a mythological character in a drama comes wearing jeans and immediately after playing the role of the character in full makeup, slips back into the convenient clothes in which she feels comfortable with.
    The day is not far when even the temple priests will start wearing western clothes, at least when off duty.

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    Seeing our traditional wears even in special occasions has become very difficult nowadays. Indians has already adapted to the western culture and the people who used to wear comfortable western attires find it difficult to change over to their traditional wears. In olden days girls used to wear half sarees and sarees to colleges but after some years the trace of half sarees and sarees has reduced and the girls started to wander in modern wears and fashion churidars. Same in case of Men, previously men used to wear dhotis, but after years the office goers are under the compulsion to wear formal shirts and pants. Human mind always finds it difficult to adapt to a newer culture. But after adapting to a new culture, they will easily get addicted to the comforts. If a human gets addicted to the comfort then definitely he/she will not try adapting to other cultures. That is the case in Indians also, the people have adapted to the comfort of the western dresses and so they don't prefer to wear their own traditional dresses.

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    Foreigners (at least everyone I saw) wear traditional dresses when they visit temples. But, we are feeling shy etc,. to do the same. There is no need to wear traditional dresses all the time. Wearing traditional dresses at least at temples is acceptable. Frankly speaking, I hate wearing traditional dresses as I feel uncomfortable in them but I wear such dresses when I go to a temple.

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    Yes I agree with the author that foreigners do give respect to our rich tradition and culture but our own people wont give importance to that. My father used to tell me that when he was young and living in Kumbakonam which is called temple city, the British Generals used to visit the place and if they are told that they are going through Agrhaharam and they must remove the chappal or shoes means they would abide the rule and respect the sentiments of the locals. That was really good on the part of British officials visiting religious places and agreeing to the local customs to be followed.
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