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    Can we not pause for a while to help others?

    I have often seen people rushing to cross a road without bothering to note the old people or a blind person waiting helplessly, a little scared to cross on their own. When you are anyway crossing yourself, can you not stop and help them too? What is this apathy & indifference? To their credit, I have seen traffic police personnel helping such people, but the general public as such do not seem to care at all.

    I myself make it a point to stop and help those who are obviously frightened at crossing a major junction. If it is a side road where there are no signals as such, then too I help out. I will step a little away from the kerbside, firmly put up my hand, look straight at the drivers & make the vehicles stop. Then I turn my back on them and ensure everyone has crossed over, then cross over myself. I don't care two hoots if I the drivers start honking & I've created a jam!
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    I often find myself at a crossroads when it comes to cross a road particularly in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. During such occasions, I find myself no helpless than a hapless individual.
    The busy roads look like a stream of motor vehicles with people in a mad rush.

    There are provisions like a zebra crossing, overhead footbridges and underpasses to cross the road. One has to take quite a detour to reach the destination on the other side.

    I often feel like humming - 'Iss paar priye madhu hai tum ho, uss paar na jaane kya hoga' (On this shore dear, there is my beloved wine and you. Who knows as to what will be on the other shore ).
    It is a truth that on many occasions, I have asked the driver to take even a long detour to take the vehicle on the other shore so that I can avoid crossing the road.

    I have noticed two very vulnerable moments when people put their life to risk while crossing a road. These are for catching a city bus on the other side and catching a 'patang' (kite) cut loose.
    However, I do subscribe to the ideals propounded by the author that we should spare few moments and help the feebles and infirm in crossing a road at least in smaller and medium size cities.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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