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    What is easier- to win an Olympic medal or landing on the moon?

    We are a nation of 120 crore individuals and often trumpet our success in space technology, mars mission and manned spacecraft to the moon.

    I also remember that when I was a student it was often reiterated by the parents that it is much easy to play than excelling in studies.

    As a matter of fact, the parents of the students poor in studies used to proudly portray that their child has joined a cricket academy and aspire to become a Sachin Tendulkar in future.

    Despite being an ardent student, a voracious reader and a prolific (not proficient) author , I fail to understand as to why we perform so poorly when it comes to Olympics and find entering in the quarter-finals a momentous occasion to rejoice.

    What is easier- to win an Olympic medal or landing on the moon?
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    Definitely landing on the moon! An astronaut has to do almost nothing to land on moon. On the other hand, for an Olympic medal many years of swat and tear are required.
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    Nothing is easy! Even posting response for any thread is not easy. Each and every work required hard work, dedication, concentration and interest. Your comparison between landing on Moon and wining the Olympic medal is not suitable. These are two different field.

    However, my answer is, If you are rich and wealthy, in near future, you might land on to moon with the help of others but no matter how rich you are, you just can't buy a single Olympic medal. You can easily understand what I mean to say here.

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    I cited landing on the moon as an example as of late we have made much progress in space technology.
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    As per the current situation of India, landing on the moon is easier than winning a gold medal in Olympics. The importance which India gives for science and technology is less when compared to Sports. Lot of politics are involved in the sports area of India. Even if a person is talented in a sport, he/she cannot excel in that sport because of the lack of support from the Government side. The importance which Indian Government gives for Cricket is not seen in other sports. Some districts of our country not even have proper sports facilities and moreover, if a person is talented in a particular sport then at least the Government should provide some support to such players to improve their talent, but in India the Government itself fails to recognize the talents because of some lame reasons. Getting a medal in Olympics is not easy. To get a medal and carve the name of the nation in the Olympic history, the players need some support from the Government side, which is purely missing in India. Lot of talented players are there in India without proper recognition. Because of the lack of recognition and support, India is suffering to get a medal in Olympics.

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    I am not against anyone but is landing on moon that easy? Seeing from the astronaut's side, he/she cannot be given guarantee that the journey is safe. Who knows what will happen? Seeing from the rocket etc,. technical team's side, maximum care is required for construction of a rocket etc,. Sometimes, even a minute mistake can lead to huge disasters. But if you are rich and you are willing to take a risk, you can land on moon in the coming days (prediction based on the recent developments). That is not the case with getting a medal in Olympics. You need lots of practice, luck, will power. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will get a medal. Let us hope India improves in Olympics.

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    It is heart wrenching to see that a large and important nation like ours is very much undeveloped in the sports field. India has no shortage of talent and skilled players, yet we fail to obtain the success we truly deserve. So when it comes to a country like India, landing on the moon seems to be an easy task, compared to winning an Olympic gold medal .The attitude of the citizens and the government are two different factors that hinder our progress in this field. In our country people think that, cricket is the only sports which is worth playing and playing any other games like football, short put, archery, shooting, judo and all other sports are frowned upon and only very few brave hearts venture into those unknown domains. Parents generally insist that children should put all their time in studies and pressurise their children to score high in competitive exams, so that they can join into a medical college and aspire to become a doctor or take up engineering from prestigious institutions, go ahead with their studies, pass with flying colours and go abroad or get jobs in government institutions. Children also work very hard, put in their best efforts and succeeded in their respective courses and fullfil their parent's dreams. Such a talented student can easily get a job in ISRO, get to be a part of various space missions and definitely land on the moon. Here the hard work and hurdles includes studying and clearing the competitive exams. The students compete with similar minded people from within our country and win with ease. However when one chooses sports, people view them as not so intelligent children who have chosen to play worthless sports only to escape from studies and have fun. Many parents discourage their children from entering sports and those who have finally land into the harsh field face different problems like lack of proper coaching, equipment, colleges, lack of financial support and various other discriminations apart from intense physical labor. It is said that the shine of a gem stone depends on the way it is polished, similarly though the people appearing for Olympics are talented, lack of proper training drags them into failures.

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    What a dig by the author at the worst situation being faced by our Olympic players who are yet to register a medal for us till now though one week has passed at the Rio Olympics. This is really annoying every one and the people at the helm of affairs must ponder over the fact that having so many population and expertise in every field, why India could not register gold medals at Olympic just for one reason that the real talented players are not getting the chance to compete for the country as there are politics in even selecting good players. Yesterday i could see a Independent player competing from a country debarred him from participating and eventually winning the gold . A serious thinking must start from the Prime Minister level as to why India has been lagging being in International sports event and we are very comfortable in achieving the success in various other fields much to the surprise of even super powers ?
    K Mohan
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    According to the Chinese media the main reasons behind inability of the Indians to win Olympic medals are boys being coaxed into becoming doctors and engineers, girls not being allowed to participate in sports, the popularity of cricket over other sports besides lack of infrastructure, poor health, poverty, India's fading hockey glory and lack of information about the Olympics in rural areas.
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    For achieving anything, it take years. Our country is not a sports culture country and if our parents coaxing their child to become Doctor or Engineer, I find nothing wrong. There is very dim chance in sports field to make as a career apart from Cricket in India. So, study is our first priority, unless the kid is really talented like Sachin, Saina or Sania.

    However, everything is not as bad in other sports as we have made it in our mind. Since 2010, the Indian Government has given much importance in Olympic sports. It is still not enough but we have paved the way to get success. The more important part that earlier we had sports heroes only from Cricket but now we have many more from other sports and this is very important that our kid or teenagers should get interest in other sports than cricket. Once this start happening, we are no far away to get medal in Olympic. Again, it is not that we will get success in one or two month, we have to keep patient.

    If we go through the Olympic records, our records are getting better in medal tally. We should be positive instead of getting upset and making useless remarks. The champion doesn't come in overnight! So wait, pray and watch.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    The sports-culture of the country has been changing, although slowly. I definitely hope, we would be able to reap the benefit of improving sports-culture in another 10 years or so. Waiting for that day!
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Whether landing on moon or achieving a Medal at Olympics both are very tough.Because Becoming an astronaut is not an easy task for every one, from the child hood they should study properly and complete their course with highest score as well as with good learning skill, where as for becoming an olympiad needs high level of experience, proper training, strong determination etc. So For em both required hard work with sincere, then only one might achieve any of this. neither we have lots of olympic winner nor we have lot many astronauts who land on moon.

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