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    A Letter to an old Friend

    A Letter to an old Friend
    Dear Friend Mr. Gosh,
    Hello, how are you. Very long time to see you. How is your life going on. I am fine, hope you are also fine in kolkatta. I am esteem that my freedom moments of life we spent together. You are away from me but still feel that you are close to my heart.
    After long time I write a letter about current situation of our nation, India suffers with worst situation like extensive poverty which is the reason of starvation, increasing crime rate, corruption etc. corruption is very common disease in India. It is extending its hands very fast. Corruption comes in the mask of bribes, tax fudging.
    Another issue is that bondage labor and Dali still face many problems in to stern power inequity amid. Farmers taking tiny loans unable to paying interest as well as loans. Under the burden of loan they commit suicide and government don't do anything. After their death govt. forgave loan. What is the mean of such thing after it? Still we are in 2016 many children are not going to school. Feebly furnished schools structure, result in eminence education. Youth redundancy very high in our country. Today youth assume violence, Kashmir is burning, terrorism open mouth. Day to day Religious violence in take place. Naxal destroyed the Odisha, dirty cast politics spoil Indian politics. Corrupt leaders. Girls and women are not saving even at home. I am very worried about such situation. Bad people see them by same eye whatever child, teenager or an old women similar the age of mother or grandmother. Our current society become materialistic tendency, lust changed them into a criminal. Gandhi Ji and we start "Swadeshi Movement" but today government gives full opportunities to foreign country like china and other countries which is broke the backbone of our economic. According to me Indian people forget the real meaning of Freedom. They forget our struggles ,sacrifices and we given of blood for freedom our next generation should be thankful but when we receive anything in gift or easily we forget the importance of it. There are countless issues, it is countless. Hope you understand my grief. Now I closed letter
    I would like to thank you for being my friend. Bye and take care.

    With best wishes,
    Mr. Upadhyay
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    A really good attempt from Mrs. Mittal. The noble ideas behind this letter are really serious and we should ponder over these issues.
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