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    IndiaStudyChannel Status: Pending (This will not affect your Ad serving.)

    Though Im at ISC for a long time,I dont understand the above due to the fact that Iam not as active as before due to routine life.This sentence(IndiaStudyChannel Status: Pending (This will not affect your Ad serving.)is in my Profile Page for over years.Also my adsense revenue seems to be stuck with $31.42 in ISC page of mine for a long time even if i refresh and in Google adsense account it seems to be $81.
    Can someone explain how to understand the same and review it?
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    1. The pending status appears for everyone. It is not affecting your AdSense at all. Please refer #5 in Tony Sir's annoucement: Important announcement regarding AdSense revenue sharing program

    2. Your actual AdSense earnings should be checked in your own AdSense account and not at the ISC page.

    Managing Editor,

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