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    Tipping is not a good practice.

    Hello friends,

    We all to have food out side for some special or regular moments. Especially in restaurants after we finish our lunch or dinner or breakfast we keep a tip on the bill after paying it. Actually I feel its not good. They are doing their duty, by doing so they don't reduce our bill amount nor they remember us. Suppose in the same restaurant the opposite person gives 50 rs and if we pay 20 rs he starts blaming. I have experienced it. Its better don't tip any body. Its not a good practice.

    suppose if we tip a government employee [No doubt the amount will differ] we say its illegal. But Y in restaurants. Same tip we don't give any pani poori or masala poori or small dabba which is on the road side where most of us go to eat always. Instead of giving tip to supplier we must tip the person who cleans our table after eating. Actually he takes more effort than a supplier in restaurants. I strongly feel tipping in any form or any field is not a good practice.
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    Tipping is a matter of social custom and etiquette which varies in different cultures. In many countries including India, it is customary to tip servers in bars and restaurants and to taxi drivers, hair stylists etc.

    However, in India, there is no hard and fast rules regarding the same. Up to a large extent , it depends on the financial status of the individual concerned also e.g. students generally don't pay tips as they themselves are financially dependent on their parents and try to use each paisa on themselves. The individuals who start earning on their own may or may not give tips. Generally, the servers by virtue of their experience are able to gauge the individual by looking on their face, if they are potential tip-giver or not and provide services accordingly.

    However, research has indicated that the tipping is often discriminatory and not actually dependent upon the quality of service offered. It depends on the many factors like age, sex, race, hair color etc. of the server.

    In developed countries like the USA, tipping is practiced though it is voluntary. Generally, a 15% of the bill amount is tipped in case adequate service is offered.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As Mr. Kailash Kumar said in his response, the amount of tip depends on the individual. Nobody asks to give a tip. You can give it only if you want. As you mentioned, some waiters etc,. blame the people who give less tip without their knowledge. Most of such waiters etc,. can be recognized by their faces, body language etc,. And, they should not be given a tip. On the other hand, there will be some people who serve food in a very good way for any person. Any one will want to give a tip to such persons. In my family, my father will give a tip of Rs. 20 or above and my mother won't prefer giving a tip. Some months back, we went to Tanjavur for visiting a temple there. There, we went to a hotel in which the server served us in a very good way. For the first time, my mother gave a tip to her. Some waiters etc,. deserve a tip but most of them don't. My opinion is same as my mother's. I will give a tip only to the ones who deserve it.

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    I heard that the tip should be 5 to 10 per cent of the total bill. I (unconsciously) follow this rule. On the rare occasions when I go to restaurants with my family, I pay around Rs. 80 /- to Rs.100/- if the bill comes in the range of Rs. 1000/-.
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    Giving tips after having a whole some meal at the restaurant is the practice being followed by many. There are reasons to tip a person called waiter. In some hotels the waiters give good service and serve the food ordered within minutes, without wasting much time. If the service is good and the pleasant manners of the waiter attracts, surely we would like to part with some money as the tips. In some hotels the waiters even fail to provide water or the salad asked for and such waiters cannot even think of tips. Moreover the taste of the food also matters. If the food is of good taste and the hotel atmosphere is ambiance surely we may part with good tips to waiters too.
    K Mohan
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    I Thank everybody for their valuable responses posted

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    There are times when we feel quite pleased by the neat and prompt service of the hotel waiter. I had experience of some waiters giving some good tips about the best dishes on that day. Certain waiters help us to have the optimum utility and avoid wasteful spending. In many hotels we may not be knowing the quantum of a food item. It may be much more than the sufficient quantity we can tolerate. So a smart waiter may judge us properly and suggest realistic options of item and quantum.
    If I feel overall happy, the I give tips. The opposite had also happened. Certain waiters juts do their duty and work copy book style. Some may even get into arguments with us. I don't tip such persons. Tip, I feel is the sharing a fraction o our overall happiness we got from that particular dining event.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I completely disagree with tipping habit in restaurants. They already charge with additional taxes and why people are giving tips I don't understand. If they're so benevolent and pleased then take some food and give the beggars those who're not getting anything to eat. They'll give you blessing for you/your family; what the waiter will give to you. No doubt you'll not ask against your tip; but every penny has a value. The giver must know that before giving to someone. The habit become so disgusting; that in some restaurants waiters and boys in hotels are looking for tips for their service. What's more they do apart from their duty. The hotel and restaurant owners must teach this manner of not asking tips from the customers.
    Naresh Kumar
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