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    If you don’t fight for what you want, then don’t cry for what you lost

    I've seen some people who always do complain at God about their failures by saying as He didn't look after them; he did every puja, yajna, fasting etc. but God not heard anything about him. My thought is why crying for those things which you never have, and never fight to get that. It was nicely versed in Bhagvad Geeta as 'If you don't fight for what you want; then don't cry for what you lost'. I completely agree with this statement; hope you too. Even God says, if you don't ask me, don't expect from me. Some people believe God knows everything, why shall I ask; I'm not a beggar etc, but while not getting anything, they simply started saying, God not exists, He doesn't listens me, etc. What you say on this message?
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    The God has well executed His duty by blessing the individual with the life of a human. Now, it is the duty of the humans to find solutions in respect of their problems.

    The God being abstract in nature, cannot perform any task Himself. Instead, the God enables the individuals to perform their task themselves appropriately by offering proper guidance.

    A faith in God indirectly means, having faith in one's own self. The most important thing to remember is that the God is absolutely fair, unbiased and impartial. If something bad happens, then the same should also be accepted with due humility as the wish of the God. There is no scope of harboring any kind of doubt whatsoever it may be.

    There is no scope of demanding, fighting or crying also in any case. One has to continue to perform his/her duty with due devotion and sincerity and accept the outcome whatever it may be.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Normally people approach the God or the super power that controls us at every walks of our life. Some call it faith and many call it as almighty or God. We always under estimate the wills of the God. We think that he is so mean and cannot give bigger boons or favors to us. God has created us and he knows when to give what ? But we always under estimated the capacity of God and we blame for even small reversal in our lives. By the way when we do prayers and seek favor from the God, we should not seek for small favors. In Hindi there is a saying that " Jab Bhagwan detha hain tho chappad paadke detha hain" meaning for that when God is willing , he would be so generous that the favor would be just raining. So next time when ever you seek the favor from God, give him the big list and also seek in abundance. Again that should not be cunning in nature. What is necessary for you must be sought and be ready for some sacrifice too.
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    In my opinion, people go to temples etc,. to ask God for their good only. Just imagine how the religious places will look if scientists/someone prove that there is no God. Many people visit religious places only if they have any problems. They complain about God for the mistakes they did. Such people don't try to work in order to be successful. Instead, they do puja etc,. and ask God to do their work. In my opinion, we should work hard to reach our goal and then ask God to provide luck to be successful. I completely agree with "If you don't fight for what you want, then don't cry for what you lost".

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