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    What is AT Reward TOW contest

    Hello Every body
    I have recieved award named as AT cash reward price. what's it?
    I don't think I have participated in any contest recently I am total confused about it. Please Any body tell me the details of this reward
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    Every week, an award is given for the best forum threads raised (1 award and 4 special prizes). You are one of the special prize winners of the previous week. AT is the member who gives you that award money and/or points, TOW means Topic of the Week. Refer this thread in which you were announced as a special prize winner for one of your threads. Once again, congratulations on winning the TOW special prize.

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    Ok Thank you for your response. I did'nt know about this

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    There is no award named as ' AT cash reward price' as mentioned by the author in his thread. The author may check the data again and cite the exact name of the award in case it is any award other than what mentioned by the author Krishna in his response #575050 above. I have also visited the profile of the author of the thread and found no award listed by the name mentioned by him.

    As far as, I know there are two types of TOW (Thread of the Week) awards. Under one scheme a thread among all the threads posted by all authors is selected by the editors on their own for the TOW award and few more threads for special prizes. No separate efforts are to be made by the authors i.e. submitting any contest entry etc.

    Under the other type of TOW award, a word is given by the editors for the week and the members who wish to participate in the contest may submit their entries. The editors select the winning threads from among the submitted entries.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As I can see it on your profile page, you have won a special prize for Topic of the week. I would advice you kindly go through the profile and find out exactly which contribution of yours has won you this award.

    Congratulations on that achievement.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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