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  • Category: Miscellaneous Have you ever tried this site for image searching?

    If you're looking to search your image on website or someone who've used your image in their websites/somewhere on web, then don't worry about that; just try this site for image searching. This image searching tool is very helpful for image publishers, photographers, web designers, SEO and content writers when they do search for plagiarism of their own images. The tool is very simple, you can give link of your image from any site or upload any image that searches instantly on Google, Bing and Yandex like search engines and give immediate result. It is completely a free tool. If anyone have tried and want to share about more please post here.
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    Just now I tried to open the site but it is saying that page not found. Any way the free tool seems to be interesting and has the capacity to safeguard the rights of the original work and publishers.
    K Mohan
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    Hi Mohan Sir, its the link to reverse image search by ImageRaider:
    Naresh Kumar
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    Google have their own 'reverse image search'. Generally, it is more likely that the family photograph of a common man is not likely to be used by the other websites. On the other hand, unique photographs of important landmarks etc. are more likely to be searched. As a matter of fact, searching an unique image using any of the reverse image search tools, lets the concerned website to have the image in their database and as per their terms and conditions, they may use such images and URLs to make their products and services better.
    Therefore, in my opinion, all and sundry should not use such tools. Instead, such tools are likely to be more useful for professional photographers and such other digital artists etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I didn't hear about this site before. After reading this thread, I opened the site but I couldn't understand how to start the reverse search. And, am I right in thinking that reverse image search refers to searching of a similar image in the internet? In the area provided, I uploaded the image I want to reverse search by selecting the image after clicking 'Choose files'. When I click 'Check files' to the right of that area, nothing is happening.

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    At first the file will upload in to the website for reverse scanning from search engines like Google, Bink and Yandex. The uploading process may take several minutes, depends upon the size of the image. Then, it will show if your image is somewhere in website or not. You can also filter while viewing like URLwise, Imagewise, etc. I've used this website several time for searching some people around the world, and got accurate results.
    Naresh Kumar
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    #575135 : For sometime, it is showing that 'This process may take several minutes' and later it is saying that the session is expired which means that the reverse search is starting again as far as I know. Does it need high speed internet to work?

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    There are two reasons, may be due to excess users or due to slow internet speed.
    You can search images in Google Reverse Image Search website, which is very fast but the result showing in ImageRaider is unique and different then Google.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Thank you Mr. Naresh Kumar Behera. Recently, one of the photos I posted is rejected saying that it is copied. So, I want to reverse search that image in ''. Anyways, Google search shows that no such photo is present.

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