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    How to Delete my articles. ..........

    Let me no how to delete all my articles from that section where it is allowing only to edit. Actually I want to delete it. Don't no how Please tell me the steps.
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    As far as I know, the authors cannot delete their articles from the database on their own. However, I have never come across any such case when the author decides to delete all of his/her articles which have been approved and published by ISC.

    However, a request has to be raised in the forum in the form of a thread duly mentioning the URL's of the articles and perhaps a reason also for proposed deletion of the threads.

    In case, the articles are proposed to be re-published after editing/moderating/updating then, the same can be done only after six months of the original date of publication of the threads.

    Sometimes, the previously published threads are locked by the editors and the same are not available even for editing for re-publication and a request is required to be raised in the forum section for 'unlocking' the threads.

    In case the article has not yet been published and is required to be deleted at draft stage, then also a request has to be raised in the forum section duly citing the URL.

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    A member cannot delete his/her articles. I saw your profile and found out that you have no approved articles. So, I presume you want to delete the articles you tried to post i.e. the drafts. There are two ways.

    1) Post a forum thread by mentioning the URLs of the articles you want to delete. The editors will consider your request and delete them. There's a better method.
    2) Leave them like that. Whenever you want to post a new article, replace the title, summary and body of the not needed articles with the title, summary and body of the new article. In addition, write a message to the editor requesting to change the URL. You can write this message in the text area displayed if you click 'Show/Hide advanced options' present below the three buttons at the bottom of the text area provided for article body. And, this message is visible only to you and the editor.

    Refer this (do not respond to it as it is older than 10 days) thread which is similar to your thread.

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    The deletion of articles is not in your hand. After approval, an article also becomes the property of ISC. So only the Managing Editor and Lead Editor dealing with articles can delete your article. You may intimate the Managing Editor about the article to be deleted, and she would definitely take necessary action.

    Otherwise, you press the 'edit' option and delete the entire article with a single sentence: 'This article has been deleted.' But do this only as a last resort after giving sufficient time to the Editors to delete your chosen article.

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    Whether approved or not, the articles once published on the site become the property of the site. You are not allowed to delete them. I see no reason why you would wish to delete your articles.

    If you have any articles in the draft, you may consider writing some other article in its place. The file name will remain same. You can request an editor to change the file name to suit your article. If, however, you still want to delete your article, you may place a request to in this forum. The WMs or editors will take care of that.

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    Once we submit the articles, it is the expressed rights of the ISC to retain or delete it based on the importance of the the contents. The right to delete the articles solely lies in the hands of editors and not the posting authors. A member can always modify a article and add new information and that would become a new article and again the process of new submission, pending and approval takes place. Instead of ponder over the published articles, the author may think of creating new ones with different heading and a nice content better than the old one so that a new article is created.
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    Thank you all. The article some are published but rejected. Actually the rejected articles are my own notes during my college days. But I got the reason that it is copied content, any NEVER LATE THAN BETTER I want to improve it. In some articles I was not able to add images that's how it got rejected. So to over come all this I wanted to delete it. But got the solution from experts that I can't delete. Any way I can at-least change the same articles. Thank you once again for your valuable responses.

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