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    Is Sonia Gandhi's injury a setback for Prashant Kishor?

    Mr. Prashant Kishor himself had planned Sonia Gandhi's road show at Varanasi. He himself had finalised every single aspect of the road show-from the beginning till the end and also a visit (of Sonia Gandhi) to famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Now after the fever and injury of Mrs. Gandhi, the old-timers have started wagging their vicious tongues against Prashant Kishor. Now, they are finding faults in every single part of Mr. Kishor's Varanasi plan. Perhaps, the old guards of Congress cannot stand the increasing influence of Mr. Prashant Kishor in party affairs.

    This episode shows that the infighting within Congress can never be stopped.
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    The politics of the Uttar Pradesh is enigmatic, to say the least. It is pure caste which determines the final outcome. Prashant Kishor is the last refuse of the politicians.

    He was shunted by BJP and when he joined Nitish in Bihar. Now it is Congress in Uttar Pradesh. The target of Congress cannot be set to win even by Prashant Kishore. At best it may be to get second place from the present fourth.

    The Akhilesh Government is working. It will be a tough fight between SP and BJP. Amit shah dislikes Kishore. He has already poached 50 professionals trained by Prashant Kishore. Both Amit Shah and Prashant Kishor are considered as best election strategists in the country at present.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    During pre election campaigns these types of tantrums are expected from the seasoned politicians to gain more sympathy and concern from the voters and Sonia has been in the limelight for that. We all know she is the Christian faith follower and her getting in to famous Kasi Vishwanath temple would embroil her in fresh controversy with active RSS and BJP in Varanasi and hence to escape that escalation of tension the Congress President trying to avoid the road show citing ill health reasons. Nevertheless the Congress is facing hostile crowds in UP and the coming election is going to be acid test for that party.
    K Mohan
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    Some people will do anything to get the attention of the media etc,. I strongly believe that Sonia Gandhi is one of such people. As far as I know, internal wars are more in congress party when compared to other political parties. Some people believe that Sonia Gandhi had Rajashekhar Reddy (one of the previous chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh) killed and named it as a helicopter accident. I agree with your point 'old guards of congress cannot stand the increasing influence of Mr. Prashant Kishor in party affairs'. It may be true.

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