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    Shah Rukh Khan again detained by US immigrants at Los Angeles airport

    Is detaining a correct solution by US security to prevent terrorism? Should some relaxation be given for well known celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan? Discuss about US Security measures on Indian celebrities over here.

    Shah Rukh Khan twitted about his detain situation at Los Angeles airport today. The Bollywood actor says on Twitter as he respect the US security but expressed his frustration of being held by immigration authorities frequently.

    Shah Rukh Khan was held twice earlier by the American airports authority in 2009 & 2012 in New York. His expression on Twitter indicates the deadly frustration by US immigrants at Los Angeles.

    What's your comments on this deadliest occurrence of a Bollywood star actor in US? Please comment.

    Shah rukh khan Twitter comment on US immigrants at Los Angeles airport
    There have been many situations where US Security has been strict necessarily and sometimes unnecessarily on Indian actions and well known personalities, especially if they have the Khan attribute. Is this necessary? Is it a fallacy in the Security measures in deciding who should be detained and who should be allowed?
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    For the airport security officials, Shah Rukh Khan is not a celebrity. He is just a piece of data in the computerised security system.

    I remember having read when last time he was detained that there are some terrorists whose name matches with the Bollywood celebrity. Therefore at each time during the immigration check, a suspicion arises prompting the security officials to further probe and dig the data. Moreover, the celebrity is likely to have become habitual to VIP treatment at Indian airports and therefore find a difference at the US airport.

    The US authorities had not granted a visa to even Narendra Modi when he was occupying the constitutional position of a Chief Minister.

    During one of his previous detentions, Shah Rukh Khan had spoken gold though in sarcasm. He had said that - 'Whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to America. The immigration guys kicked the star out of stardom'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The VIP culture prevalent in India has no place in the USA. They don't bother even about the celebrities of their own countries, leaving aside the filmstars of other countries. To the security officials of the US Airport, especially after 9/11, security of the country and its people, is the most important aspect for consideration. So, it is quite natural that a person named Shahrukh Khan (to them) was checked and detained for some suspicion at Los Angeles Airport.

    I think, Indians also emulate this. To the security personnel, safety and security of the people of the country must be of paramount importance, not the VIP culture. Indian's must try to throw away the VIP culture deeply entrenched in the minds of people.

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    The United States' Ambassador to India, Richard Verma apologized to Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan for over his briefly detained by US Immigrant at Los Angeles Airport.
    Nisha Desai Biswal, US Dept of State's Assistant Secretary of State of South and Central Asia, also apologised for the trouble and twitted as 'Even American diplomat get pulled for extra screening'.
    US Ambassador Rich Verma and Nisha Biswals Reaction on Twitter to Shahrukh Khan

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    Indians are systematically defamed by the US in the garb of searching. The officer at the checking point must have the knowledge of celebrities and world leaders. Otherwise he may end up checking even his own country President Obama. What I think that US airport authorities are over smart in their work and they know very well by detaining people like SRK surely the news will be making headlines and they officer get famed over the action taken. In the contrary US is getting bad name as India and Indians cannot be branded as terror people and just because some one has the Muslim name, they should not see with suspicious eyes.
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    As far as I know, many Indians came across such situations in America. I remember hearing in news that a popular Indian woman is searched for false accusations some months back. I couldn't remember who she is. Anyways, doing such things just because of a name match shows the bad attitude of Americans. I don't support any celebrity but Shah Rukh Khan expressed his anger in a polite way. And, the next comment about catching Pokemons is hilarious. I think the star actor lost his anger by then and started playing Pokemon Go.

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