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    Update the outdated information for educational institutions of Andhra Pradesh!

    With the bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh, the information at ISC about the educational institutions of Andhra Pradesh might have become outdated in some cases. I checked out the colleges & schools listed under Telangana, and found out that just 11 schools & not even a single college is listed under the Telangana state at ISC. The visitor may not find any educational institute if he searches by using the state option, may feel disappointed in the absence of latest & updated information about educational institutions and may leave ISC.

    The Admin may depute some editor or content writers to correct the information about the educational institutions of Andhra Pradesh. The members posting updates for the educational institutions may also concentrate on the educational institutions of Andhra Pradesh state for posting the latest information.
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    A very important observation and suggestion by the author of the thread. Perhaps data in respect of all states newly created in the past may require a relook for updating the same.
    The contents developers may be deployed for scrutinising and updating such routine type of data.
    I am not sure but have a doubt that even if the data in respect of all newly opened IITs and IIMs is available in the ISC database or not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks for the alert. This was brought to the Webmasters' notice quite some time back by one of the editors, but other content work got priority. We will once again inform the Webmasters & see if we can get one of the members of our content development team to do the needful.

    Managing Editor,

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    An update: I checked just now and there do seem to be colleges listed under Telangana State. . We will also instruct the editors working on summaries to shift the school/college as required.
    Managing Editor,

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    Madam ME,

    I reiterate that I did check the colleges section by selecting Telangana and there was not even a single college listed there. By posting update, you are implying that the information provided by me is wrong. I disagree with you on that count.

    You are requested to follow the following route & tell me whether there are any colleges listed there for the Telangana state-

    -> select the colleges section from the drop-down menu of 'education' tab
    -> select Telangana from the drop-down menu from the states column
    -> press the enter button (though that is not necessary)

    PFA a screenshot of the same ( I have reduced the size of the screen & you may zoom in to see the result)

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    I was in no way implying that the information you gave was wrong. It is just that I did not use your route which you subsequently mentioned in #575105 and not earlier in the text of the thread. I had followed 2 different routes: (1) I clicked on the name of the State under the heading of 'Find Colleges by State' and had found the list of colleges and (2) I selected the State from the drop-down list and clicked on the search button & again the list of colleges was to be seen.

    Now, using your route, indeed the list of colleges does not show up. So, in this case, it is a technical feature which needs to be fixed. I will inform Tony Sir about it. Thanks for the the more clear clarification.

    Managing Editor,

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