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    Do maladies exist in the medical field?

    Often people remark that the medical profession is no longer the noble profession, it used to be in the past but instead has become a business.

    Generally, the doctors are rightly regarded as next to the God only as often they are able to bail out a patient sometimes from near death scenarios.

    However, some of the maladies associated with the medical field are as follows -
    1. Medical education has become very costly in private medical colleges and even the capitation fee is escalating every year. The postgraduate seats are available at an exorbitant capitation fee.
    2. Some unscrupulous medical professionals resort to malpractices, unnecessary operations merely for inflating the bill and even stealing organs from patients for transplantation.

    There are more which I leave for the fellow members to add.

    The basic question is - do maladies exist in the medical field?
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    As you said, medical profession is no longer a noble profession now a days. This is due to the birth of a devil called greed. When a student wants to join in a medical college, he/she needs to pay very high amounts to get a seat. It is a fact that all members of a class won't become talented doctors. A talented doctor earns high amounts of money. The others will try to earn money in anyway possible and that leads to malpractices. Many a times, we hear news like doctor performed wrong operation, doctor cheated for money etc,. Some months back, a doctor performed eye operations to 11 members or so. He did the same mistakes every time and because of that, all the 11 patients lost their eyes. There are cases in which doctors killed their patients knowingly/unknowingly as a result of performing operation in an incorrect way. There are some doctors who are punished (arrest/suspension) for harassment of women patients. Due to the inclusion of such scenes in movies, even small children are knowing that all doctors are not ethical.

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    Surely the education for Doctor has become the sole choices for the rich and the poor who is talented and well educated cannot get the seat in government college owing to various reasons. Only yesterday I was reading the news that Medical colleges in Telangana are demanding the minimum fees to be collected in government college be raised from 9,00,000 to 11,00,000. When the government fees itself is such big, then think about private colleges fees and management quota fees. And just understand the plight of the parents who dole out so much money for medical profess and surely they would want to reap once they become qualified doctor. One skin specialist making huge money daily. Morning for three hours and evening for three hours. She get not less than 40 patients daily and her consultation fees are 300. So 12,000 per day she is earning as consultation fees and she insists that medicines be purchased at her store only. Again 40 percent margin on medicines which are very costly. So doctors are making hay while sun shines, in rain s or even in winter.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Every profession has its own ups and downs but the imperfections and short comings in a medical profession can not be accepted as many lives are dependent on it. The field of medicine is an ancient one and right from its beginnings, it has seen the good and bad days. While several good doctors worked day and night serving people, saving lives and caring for the sick many others researched on the new possibilities, treatment procedures, vaccines and cures. Then again we had the bad doctors like the cruel Nazi doctors who used their profession only to harm or murder people. Many sinister doctors used prisoners and innocent people as human guniea pigs and performed all sorts of atrocities on them in the name of research. Motivated by greed, thirst for quick fame, lack of empathy and respect for fellow humans, some insensitive doctors and medical professionals deviate from their righteous path and cause havoc in people's lives. Medical negligence has led to the loss of several lives and crippled many others for lives. Gynaecologist's job is a risky one, they are the ones, who care for the unborn and bring a new life into the world, but how many times we have read or heard about the deaths of new mothers and infants, caused only because of the doctor's fault.
    People generally dislike the idea of visiting a psychiatrist, they view every mental illness as a taboo and keep the matters, a secret. In India psychiatric disorders are on the rise yet there is a considerable shortage of medical professionals in that field. Insane asylums are hell on earth, where unethical doctors, unsympathetic nurses and vicious guards torment the unfortunate inmates and abuse them in every possible way. When an aunt of my colleague was diagnosed with mental illness and needed hospitalisation, doctors advised her husband to opt for a private care facility rather than going to the government mental hospital as she would be abused in every possible way and may not get cured.
    Some doctors and nurses are so arrogant and rude that they mistreat the poor, cases where doctors were beaten or manhandled are also on the rise, it is the proof that medical field is degenerating.

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    sorry to post same response twice

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    The medical profession is eternal as it deals with life. As long as there is life on the earth, the medical profession will be alive and kicking. Unfortunately, the maladies of the medical professions are also proliferating with each passing day.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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