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    Do you think about the quality of packaged can water we consume in cities?

    At present due to severe shortage of drinking water in many cities and towns are using packaged mineral drinking water supplied in 20lts. cans. Many people thinking that this water is good for health buying this packaged mineral water even though they are getting enough safe drinking water through municipal authorities. Most of this packaged drinking water manufacturers collect underground bore well water and in their plant they remove all the minerals from this water. Due this the important minerals what we get generally through tap water cannot get and there by we are prone to some health issues like joint pains, rheumatic arthritis, oral health etc. The way the manufacturers maintain the plant also will affect the quality issues (including poisonous bacteria, various germs etc.) and standard of water. One of my known friend went for analysis of packaged water in Pathology department of Medical college they told about all the above issues. They suggested it is better to drink municipal water by boiling or simply cleaning this water by using a gravity filter in the house.
    Dear members are you using packaged drinking Can water? Are you thinking of the quality and standard of water we are consuming? If we consume such packaged water it will definitely affect our health in long run.
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    It depends on the cost. The company Bisleri claims that their products conform to the quality standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The company markets 20 liters can also. A 20-liter water with added minerals costs Rs. 75 provided the container is returned. However, a refundable deposit of Rs. 150 per container is required to be paid. I personally believe that the products of reputed companies are likely to conform to the quality standards provided only the genuine products are bought, not the spurious one.

    Now, let us consider the other side of the story. During my posting at Agra, I found that the business of supply of purified water in 20-liter cans was very much popular there. The suppliers used to deliver the bottles at the doorstep like a milkman. The reason being the tap water of the Agra region is notorious for high fluoride contents which lead to the formation of brittle bones and teeth in humans and creates gastrointestinal disorders. I always doubted about the quality of the bottled water being supplied. We sometimes used to take the same for watering potted plants and washing hair.

    I think few entrepreneurs had installed distillation plants and used to supply distilled water only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree, the mineral water CAN is not at all pure. We used to get mineral water CAN before installing Aquaguard. The person who came to install did the purity test for the normal tap water and also the mineral water. We knew tab water is not pure but we were shocked to see that even so called mineral water CAN is not pure. It is just for the sake called as mineral water or pure water which will affect our health. After getting the aquaguard, after few days some other sales guy came to promote it and without his knowledge we filled auqaguard water in a tumbler and asked him to test it which was actually pure to an extent. So its better not to drink water directly from taps or CAN and instead as the author suggested it is better to drink the boiled water.

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    It is a fact that the water sold in cans is impure. Some years back, I and my family used to live in Hyderabad. At that time, we used to buy packaged drinking water cans. The place where those drinking water cans are made is near to our house. One day, I saw some workers filling the cans with bore water as the author mentioned. The next day itself, we stopped buying those cans. All packaged drinking water selling companies may not do this but most of them will. It is better to boil the tap water to drink or to use an Aqua Guard.

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    We do have misconception that the mineral water CAN supplied by the companies of repute would provide us contaminated - free water and the same is devoid of bacteria and germs which are otherwise found in other sources. True, but we have seen at times collecting the used bottles of drinking water so that it is ultimately used to fill up ordinary water resembling as fresh packaged drinking water. There is no proper mechanism to arrest this existing system. We can go any extent to earn money ignoring the health - standard of the common mass. Unless we keep vigil of such greedy elements, nothing would improve the present scenario. In this context, one thing is very clear that the mineral water supplied by some of manufacturers are of no use as confirmed from the laboratory - tests. The best way would be to boil the tap - water and later the same can be used conveniently for drinking purpose and wth this little effort we can keep our health free from the water - born diseases.

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    For us packaged drinking water is not the habit and we are used to regular drinking water supplied through corporation taps. That drinking water contains chlorine cleaned water and hence it is safe to drink. One of my relative has the habit of hiring one can of packed can drinking water and once we found white color worms inside the can and immediately returned the same to the shop keeper. He says that the quality was good and he never got any complaint. But on inquiry it is found that the so called canned drinking water cans never get totally cleaned and once the empty bottle comes to the store, it is filled and sealed immediately without even giving a customary wash. Even though we are happy with quality of drinking water supplied by the corporation, we still distill the same and also go for warm water to children so that any germs inside the water not seen through naked eyes can be removed.
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