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    India give more priority to its cricketers; not the Olympians. Discuss

    The reality of Indian Olympians has again revealed by Dutee Chand, the sprinter from Odisha who travels to Rio in economy class, while officials fly business class.
    "I flew alone from Hyderabad; my coach couldn't come with me. Managers and others are given business class tickets but players are being given economy class. It was a 36 hours. I couldn't get proper sleep or rest. If players are treated like this what kind of performance will we give in Olympics?" says the 20-yr old Dutee Chand, who will be participating in the 100mt category. She further said, "If the comfortable seats were available they should have been availed to the athletes, after all, they are headed to the most important event of their life".

    What will be the future of Indian athletes seeking for Olympic and other International events? Put your valuable words here.
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    Dutee Chand is the current Indian champion of Women's 100 mt sprint. Her personal bests are 11.24 s for 100 mt and 23.73 s for 200 mt. Such an athlete is treated like this. I agree with what she said. A 36 hr uncomfortable journey before the day of Olympics? Its pathetic that the authorities allotted business class seats to managers and economy class seat to athlete. The photos of her flight tickets (Hyderabad - Abu Dhabi & Abu Dhabi - Sao Paulo & Sao Paulo - Rio Janeiro) in economy class are posted online. Everyone wants athletes to win medals but no one cares about their situation.

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    The answer to the question raised by the author is hidden in the thread itself. We have a culture of turning the slightest possibility of a foreign jaunt into a reality at any cost. I have witnessed this mentality as a part of the Government system for 36 long years. The ultimate achievement in a Government organization - be it a scientific research institution or a university or any other nondescript department, is considered in becoming successful in bagging a foreign assignment.

    The selection of players for participation in the Olympic- like events revolves around availing the opportunity of packing more officials in the team to enjoy a foreign trip at the Government cost, much to the envy of the others who don't become able to make it.

    This year the Indian Olympic Association is sending the largest ever contingent of 120 players to participate in 15 sports event against 83 athletes in the previous London Olympic 2012. Since 1900, India has only won 22 medals at the Olympics. The Government has spent between Rs 30 lakh to Rs 1 crore to train each of the 120-odd athletes representing India in Rio de Janeiro.

    The total expenditure involved in the foreign jaunt will perhaps soon be revealed by the media after watching the overall performance of the players.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think this is not the proper time to complain but to perform with the best of abilities they have. Whoever it is whether officials or athlete, now they are into game and they should only focus on their performances. We can't compare cricket with Olympic sports both are different levels and attitude games.
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    Yes it is the noted fact that Indian government and BCCI has been giving much priority to cricket game and thereby sidelining the Olympians who were medal winners in the past and wont find right practicing place for future Olympics. What I suggest that instead of depending on the government to pick and sponsor the Olympians , each player can take part in the next Olympics as Independent player and show case talent. At least then the government would wake up from the slumber and take appropriate steps to train and maintain various sports personalities to take part in next Olympics.
    K Mohan
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    I can't understand why it is improper time to discuss about them! Why the management and officials go by business class and whom you are saying the proud of India sending them through economic class? What's then if they win or not win any medals; it not so easy to meet across 100 countries' performers in a single platform.
    Naresh Kumar
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    The companions of the Sports Minister Vijay Goel has already taken a lead in stirring a controversy by taking too many selfies. The Indian athletes are chasing medals and the Sports Minister is chasing them. The organisers have complained that the behaviour of those accompanying Goel was aggressive and rude and have threatened to cancel Goel's accreditation.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wonderful! The minister Goel was warned not to flout the accreditation norms. The Continental Manager Sarah Peterson mentioned in a letter to Indian Chef-de-mission Rakesh Gupta about the minister and his colleagues misbehavior with their staffs at Gymnastics venue and Carioca Arena-3 in Rio Olympic. The Indians with Mr. Goel pushed the staff in the stadium, which is really a matter of shame for us.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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