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    A chat with the iron pillar, memoir of developing India.

    It was the 10th of August 2016 and Halley's comet was going over the India and it decided to have a chat with its good old friend, the iron pillar of the Qtub complex, Delhi
    Halley's comet : Hello Pill, it's been so long since we met and you seem cheerful again tell me friend, what exciting things happened, while I was away. I am sure that, this time you will not make me cry and you have no harrowing tales of poverty and disease stricken hard working, poor Indians mared by illiteracy, injustice, disease and several social evils, about the desperate widows whose brave husbands were mercilessly hacked to death by the ruthless British, for asking them to quit India. About all those miserable people whose lives were torn apart in the freedom struggle. You were maddened with grief as a young man's blood was splashed all over you, what happened to his hapless widow and their two little children, left to fend for themselves in a hostile country?
    Iron pillar: Hello comet, you know that I have been standing here since ages, observing and absorbing the happenings around me. I have seen so much blood shed in my life , and it was the same gruesome fate I had, the last time we met. I was saddened by the pain and suffering of the poor freedom fighters. Many a times I was splashed with blood and felt like I would collapse after seeing all the atrocities committed by the British. However things changed, after you left. the goo won over the evil and India finally got its freedom on August 15th 1947 and from that day it was a happy journey. After decades of horror, I finally got to enjoy a peaceful and happy life. You know how the British had plundered the country, crippled it with their evil rule, hence independent India had a long way to go, it took some time to recover but we did bounce back. The developments were happening so fast, Universities, colleges and schools were built so that every child could get education irrespective of religion, social status, caste or creed. New industrial revolution had began and it brought jobs to millions, people began to stay in good houses and were prospering, construction of power plants and new dams meant electricity for every one and ample water for farmers. Research in agricultural field helped the poor farmers further, they could get much greater and reliable yield from planting hybrid seeds, use of fertilizers and pesticides. It put an end to famine. Food was finally affordable and accessible to all. Generations of educated and confident people brought along further development and finally we excelled in every field. Research in the field of medicine saved a million lives. Everything was developing so fast. With new technologies came new opportunities, computers, our own satellites, rockets and the internet, India shone brighter and brighter, we are heading towards our 69th independence day.
    As for the poor widow and her children, they had a great life. The son grew up into a well educated and loyal political leader who, without forgetting his roots and humble beginnings, served the country well. The daughter also grew up and became a doctor and selflessly, served millions and the happy widow died peacefully. I have so much to tell you comet, will tell you more on your next visit, I am sure that India would be a developed super power by that time. Happy journey my friend.
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    An interesting story spun by the author about the progress and development made by India after the independence. However, the names of the characters chosen reminded me of my friends Pillai and Kamath.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    So very interesting way to put two legends related to India and narrating the Indian history.
    But none informed me about Halley's comet beforehand. Did Halley really fly across India on 10 th ? Why didn't news cover it?
    If it is a pigment of your imagination, it was quite wonderful.

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    This is an interesting story developed by the author about the progress and development made by India after the independence. I have enjoyed the theme and the story.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Dear Kailash Kumar, Aditya Mohan, and Partha Kansabanik, I am glad that you found my story, interesting. Halley's comet over the sky on 10th of August 2016 is just my imagination. The comet was last seen in 1986, since it appears once in every 75 to 76 years, is predicted to be seen in 2061.

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