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    Senior BJP leader is very critical: 100 rounds fired at him near Ghaziabad!

    A senior BJP leader, Brijpal Teotia has been admitted to a Noida hospital in a very critical condition after he came under attack in Ghaziabad on Thursday. Uttar Prdesh Police stated that nearly four attackers in a SUV opened fire at Teotia's vehicle injuring him and five others, including four private gunmen. At least 100 rounds were shot using AK-47 rifles and Teotia was hit by at least five bullets. The Police has recovered one AK-47, two 9 mm pistols and another rifle from the spot, apart from a huge cache of used and live cartridges.

    <1>This dangerous incident again reflects the deteriorating condition of law and order in the Samajwadi Party-ruled most populous state of India.
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    When ever UP goes to elections, the political parties braces up for show down and in the melee the enmities also takes front seat and political opponents are eliminated systematically before polls and thus the government ruling at the state has more responsibility to maintain law and order, otherwise the central government can revoke President rule and the elections may be postponed or held under President rule. If the four attackers had enough time to shoot 100 rounds of bullets, what the hell the local police patrol has been doing there. There seems to be selective attack by the offenders and the police seems to be partisan and supporting the government.
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    According to the updates given by the police, the firing on Brijpal Teotia. is likely to be a case of personal enmity. He had a dispute with a criminal, Rakesh Hasanpuria, who was killed in an encounter and his wife who is a constable, had been detained by the police in connection with the investigation.

    Teotia had contested the 2012 Uttar Pradesh assembly election from Muradnagar constituency in Ghaziabad district but had lost. Presently he is a prominent member of the BJP's farmers wing - Kisan Morcha. He has reportedly been involved in criminal activity in the past. On the day of the shooting, he did not have any Government allotted security.

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    Brijpal Teotia is returning from a function with five of his associates in two Scorpios when he was attacked by 5 assailants in a Fortuner. The assailants left the vehicle and escaped in an auto rickshaw. Looks like they are planning this from some days. There is no government allotted security when this happened. Some reports say that he lost the privilege of government allotted security two months back. I think they bribed the police etc,. officials of those areas based on the fact that the assailants had time to fire 100 rounds of bullets.

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    I still don't know whether any of these assailants have been arrested or not. Considering the current law & order situation in U.P, arresting the assailants would be an astonishing news.
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    Yesterday, none other than the home minister of India Rajnath Singh visited the Fortis Hospital at Noida to inquire about the health of Tevatia. He was accompanied by the central minister Mahesh Sharma also.
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    This is the story of individual minister who wants to do right things in India actually the evil thinkers of India are not letting the correct person to do something good for the nation and if he tries to do something good for the nation they are just shoot on the spot as the only last step left for the evil thinkers because the good politician will never agree to sell his good values to anyone, and as a result they are killed by the opposition or by the haters of his thinking, whereas in this case I think similar situation will have been created and thus result in shooting on the minister as we all know how much UP is famous in the crime zone.
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    First of all why it is being so easy to buy AK 47, Government should first take strict action to import these rifles and hitech ammunition. Then only those attacks can be controlled. And about local police, it is not easy to get all information before any attack happen, but yes after catching those people, should take strict action, but due to corrupt police officer they get bail and become fearless to do such crimes in future.

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    The law and order situation in UP has broken down completely. since the last two years the crime graph has risen tremendously . according to national crime bureau up top the list of heinous crimes like murder. alone up contributes
    15-20 % of total heinous crimes.there are many reasons for the bad law and order situation in up such as political pressure and interference in the day to day working of police. many of the MLAs of Samajvadi parties are from the
    criminal back ground and there are political-criminal nexus which is responsible for deteriorating law and order situation. there is an urgent need for political and police reform to improve the law and order situation in the country.

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