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    Tongue has no bones but it can hurt hard and the heart breaks !

    In Tamil there is old saying that " Theinaal Sutta Punn arumay, aaradhey, naavinaal sutta vadu" the meaning for this classic saying that those who beat or make injury on our person may fade away or even forgotten, but we never forgets those who has spoken bad about us and that cannot be digested too. So we must be very careful while talking to others. In a fit of rage we may tell bad words or even hurt hard with non printable words, but that will deeply affect the opposite person and he may even go for taking drastic step of going to suicide. So manage your tongue and be a good person.
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    Yes, sir! Since tongue has no bone it is easy to bend in any direction. That is what people used to tell that he told this yesterday but refused today! this. But the tongue has no bones in it but it is very sharp rather than a blade. It will hurt one's heart within a fraction of second. That is what elderly people used to say that we have to control our tongue. We should keep watch our words before using always.

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    'Satyam bruyat priyam bruyan na bruyat satyam apriyam,
    priyam cha nanritam bruyadesha dharmah sanatanah'

    The above 'shloka' of Manusmriti conveys the say what is true and what is sweet, but neither say what is true but not sweet nor say what is sweet but not true. This is the eternal dharma.

    It is said that even if a harsh truth is to be delivered, it should be delivered gently and politely. The sweetness of the language cushions the blow.

    Harsh words of Draupadi delivered to Duryodhana caused Mahabharata. Draupadi had called him a blind son of a blind father when he had stepped in water during a visit to Indraprastha.

    People use harsh words when they are angry or jealous. Anger develops when something comes in the way of the people and their object of desire and jealousy develops when people find that their object of desire is already with someone else.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have learned in school a 'doha', (not exactly able to recall the words or author). It says that just because of wrong action 'one'- the tongue 'thirty two' people-teeth have to suffer. That is if a wrong word is uttered ,if another person is offended by our words, then the listener ll hit on our face and chin and smash our teeth. The tongue utters something wrong and then escapes and hide. I is the chin and teeth who has to suffer.words
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Just after reading the title, I understood it as follows. "Tongue has no bones but it hurts bad when it falls between teeth". Coming to the point, what you said is completely true Mr. Mohan. Sometimes, words can hurt us way more than punches, kicks etc,. When we are physically hurt, we lose the pain after sometime and can't feel the pain again. But, we can't lose the memory of somebody using bad words on us and it hurts whenever we think about that incident. The Telugu quote "Maata Thoota Vantidi - Chaala Jaagrathaga Upayoginchu" meaning "What we talk is like a bullet - Talk carefully" is related to this context.

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