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    Instead of putting donations in temples, buy Ramayana or Mahabharatha books and serve to needy

    We all know that temples are constructed to seek donations in cash or kind by the trustees and devotees shall always responded in good faith. But some temple funds are misused by the Chairman and other trustees and the necessary materials required for the day to day affairs are being neglected. Hence instead of giving donations to temple, we can always purchase vedic books on Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Gita , Sundara Kaanda , 108 Divya desams and many good books which may help enrich knowledge for the needy. How do you react on this ?
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    It could be a good habit if any poor person found selling books and other material; and you're giving lot of donations, which you don't know how the money is being utilised or where the money goes. If some temples need real money; then there is nothing wrong in giving. My parents donated during a Satsang temple construction; which was really needed. However, where the temple is already built and there is a great trust for organization and maintenance with big personalities, then there is nothing wrong in compromising while donating. A small amount can make a poor family to survive a day. The other meaning of serving from heart is equal to meet a God or pleasure like after getting amrit (eternity).
    Naresh Kumar
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    Though there is no doubt that those who can afford should donate for the welfare of the needy, but it is always a dilemma to decide as to whom to donate. If we consider donating in the Prime Minister's or Chief Minister's relief fund then a doubt arises, if the funds will be utilized properly and go to the needy. The same situation arises when we consider donating to any charitable organization , NGO or even the religious bodies as pointed out by the author.
    I think the full amount of donations never reaches up to the needy one. Perhaps in all cases of the donations, a part of it is corroded by the people managing the show.
    It may be better to do social work in our own surroundings by helping the people known to us. In such cases we can always use the full amount directly for buying essential items likes books, umbrella or utensils for the poor people known to us.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Generally, all the money donated to a trust (religious or anything) won't reach the needy. The corrupt people involved in the procedure of transferring the money are more likely block a part of it for themselves. There may be some cases where no corruption is committed but corruption is committed in most of the cases. So, it is better to do the help directly by giving the needy what we can instead of doing the help indirectly by giving money to trusts etc,. I completely agree with you Mr. Mohan.

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