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    What's the opinion about Patanajali?

    Hi Friends,
    Now every where Patanajali products are used. Every market place its there. But actually is it very effective. I also used most of the products for a few months, but didn't find any strong reason for continuing the same product and leave the previous one which I was using since many years.

    Basically I never wish to change any product every time, because I believe that every time changing the products to skin make the skin very pale. I use always one company product and never change until the market stops it.

    Recently There was lots positive talk about patanajali products . So I gave a trail to change it and couldn't find any such positive effects in using it. Has any body found such changes.........
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    I've used some of the products of Patanjali, which are very good. Like Patanjali's sugar free and low cholesterol biscuits, noodles, face cleanser, shampoo, soaps, atta, etc. Patanjali created a good marketing in India. In Odisha, in every corner you'll find a shop of it. In my town Berhampur, there are around more than 20 shops and 5 free treatment centres of Patanjali. Really hat's off to Baba Ramdev and his team for creating wonderful awareness and making healthier through yoga, Ayurveda and Desi products.
    Naresh Kumar
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    During the financial year 2015-16, the sales of the Patanjali Ayurved rose to Rs. 5,000 crore registering a growth of 150%. They have set a target to reach Rs. 1,000 crore during the year 2016-17.

    As on May 2016, there were 4700 retail stores of the company across India. In addition, the products are sold online and there is a plan to open stores at the railway stations and airports. The company manufactures 444 products including 45 types of cosmetic products and 30 types of food products.

    Taking into account more than 120 crores population of India, our personal opinions are not going to matter. The demand is ever increasing and it is likely to remain so as we have observed in such matters in the past. The main reason of the growing popularity of the Patanjali products is the difference in price. The MNC products are available in the market at exorbitantly high cost. In case the company is able to maintain the quality of the products, then nothing can stop its phenomenal growth including critical reviews.

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    I am a huge fan of Patanjali products not only I but my mother, father and my brother are too ardent fan of Patanjali products. In my house we bring Patanjali shop, its shampoo, its biscuits, its oil and almost everything. My mother says that we should believe in the things only when we see the result with our own eyes and yes I believe in Patanjali products because I have seen the result with my eyes, actually my teeth and gums are not so strong earlier but after using the Patanjali product I have seen a huge difference in my teeth, it was magical suddenly I realize that my gums and teeth have become more stronger than earlier and from that time I started believing in Patanjali products, I will not force anyone to believe in this product but have a try and see the result and then come to an opinion. I am very much sure that anybody who will use will surely become fan of his.
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    Many many products of Patanjali are pouring into market. People are attracted to these products mainly they are made out of natural ingredients rather than artificial or chemicals. I have used some of the items like soaps of different variants and I found them are satisfactory. Patanjali detergent powder also good but patanjali detergent bar is not satisfactory. Still I want to test some more products before start using regularly. One of the thing which attract people towards these products is they are cheaper when compared to the regular products available in the market.

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    I ditto the statement of the thread author as I "...didn't find any strong reason for continuing the same product and leave the previous one which I was using since many years".
    Price- not a naya paisa less than any of the popular brands .
    Quality- nothing extra- may be almost similar to mothers.
    Ingredients- Many o the products have the same chemicals as used in other popular brands. If anyone keeps the view that all Patanjali products are herbal, not to be so. The Ayurvedic medicines, the spices used in kitchen etc. may be all natural ingredients. So is with others manufacturers also.
    I have spent some money on Patnjali products, for trial. But as per the first line reason, may not repeat.

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    First of all Ayurveda products will have less acceptance in the market and Patanjali products are purely based on that line. I have switched to their dental and hair wash shampoo. The results seems to be good. But I am not happy with their Atta. Earlier I was using Colgate herbal paste, Meera Shampoo and now replaced by Patanjalu Dant Kanti and Kesh kanti. The Atta seems to be having heavy content of Channa than wheat. But there seems to heavy demand for their aloevera juice and natural biscuits. Surely of late we could see even the normal Kirana shops are also selling Patanjali products and Multinationals either to minting money were just shivering.
    K Mohan
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    My wife and daughter use some of the cosmetics/beauty products of Patanjali. They also purchase biscuits of the Company. As a student of Management, I am impressed by the Company's packaging quality, prudent pricing, advertising strategy and aggressive marketing. However, we generally don't use the Company's Ayurvedic medicine.
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    I have a huge respect towards Patanjali. What it has accomplished in a short time is nearly impossible. Moreover they are introducing purely Ayurvedic products which won't show any side effects . And the products are too good to deny. So there's no reason resisting Patanjali.

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    Well, I do use some of the Patanjali products. There are certain products that do not make me interested.

    Bought Dant Kanti just the other day. Will check how it works. I like the cookies and biscuits from Patanjali.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Well, I didn't try any of the Patanjali products. To be frank, I didn't even hear some of the Patanjali products mentioned in the above responses. One of my mother's friends said to her that there is no change of cost, quality or anything when compared to other brands. So, we didn't try Patanjali products anytime. From the above responses, I analyse that paste, soap, shampoo, cookies of Patanjali are good but not the others.

    #575165 (Mr. Kailash Kumar) : In the first part of your response, I think you typed Rs. 1,000 crores instead of Rs. 10,000 crores.

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    Mr. Baba and his team has played well enough and Patanjali products can be found in most places of the country with easy. While some of their products maybe good, I have not felt a requirement to replace my current products with them, so far.

    However, we have had tried a few products from Patanjali, such as their Ghee, Honey, Aloe Vera product, Divya Madhunashini, Muktavati and that terrific tea that does not taste like regular tea but is considered healthier for us. Ironically, I have a story for few of Patanjali products that we have bought so far, which I would like to share ahead...

    Right when many popular products such as Maggi noodles were being banned in my states, the news and discussion on the same was just everywhere. My father was posted at Bageshwar, Uttarkhand during those times and next to his room was a Patanajali shop. That shopkeeper, with his award winning market skills, convinced my father to take one or another Patanjali product to home, every time my father had to visit us. The irony here was that right when my father visited us, he had brought Patanjali's Ghee and Honey this time. On the same day, we were just watching news and found that after Maggie noodles, something wrong has been found in Patanjali noodles. Moreover, the next point was that some kind of fungus was found in many jars of Patanjali's Ghee and Honey. It was hard to believe for us, but there were people who were complaining and showing their jars in kitchen. And this was how we decided to not use the Ghee and Honey that we had. (It was obvious to be doubtful after that news). And we returned the same to that shop without even opening. This matter was covered and hidden well by Baba and bhakts. And despite of it happening in Uttarakhand, the matter disappeared all of a sudden and no other news was ever shown afterwards.

    We continued using their other products, especially some tablets that are believed to stabilize blood pressure. However, I am sad to share that after proper care and using Divya Madhunashini tablets for a month; my mother's condition has only gotten worse, as found in her latest reports. I do not want to blame on tablets directly, but that is how it has gone. Now, the doctor has advised us to stop using those tablets, day by day, and continue Debifall tablets afterwards to expect positive results.
    Even their Muktavati tablets for Blood pressure could not have good results in our case. It might have worked for others, just not for us, perhaps.
    So far, from personal experience, my opinion would be that it totally depends on how much you can trust on Patanjali products. The one and only reason why Patanjali products are trusted is that they are believed to have Ayurvedic ingredients. Many of these products are good too. But on the other hand, it seems almost similar to any other brand who wants to sell a product of every kind and expand its market. For now, I have kept my opinion flexible enough to look forward how well these products go ahead.

    Ank Arya

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    I like some of Patanjali Products. Like face wash, shampoo, but The taste of Biscuit is not so good, even they want to replace Maggi with their ATTA noodles, but after eating once no body will love to repeat again. As those products are fully herbal ( I do not believe) this brings positive in buyer and they bought, still it is better than other chemical products from the manufacturer, and as it is the Indian company. so I will promote their products as well as use their products for long run.

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    I heartily thank for all the responses. One point among all the responses is that Patanjali products are most running in the market because of its cheaper price. THAT"S TRUE because most of them don't even see the ingredients that is used they just compare the price and take. As Miss Swagatika said the noodles is not at all good THAT'S RIGHT, and even one of the author told that it had some conflicts and was closed THAT ALSO IS TRUE. But I believe in results and couldn't find any such reason to continue it.

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