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    Do people rise late on 'Independence Day'?

    During the Independence movement in India, many people used to organise 'Prabhat Pheris' (morning walkabout) as a medium for rousing patriotic fervour. Even nowadays, certain schools organise such programs.

    However, in independent India generally, people rise late as it is national Holiday. Few justify the tendency by putting forth a logic that being independent, they are free to rise at whatever time they wish.

    However, those who has to compulsorily attend the flag hoisting ceremony at their workplace, have to rise accordingly depending upon the commuting time.

    What are your observations regarding the subject matter? Will it make any difference if people rise early to celebrate our national festival, the Independence Day?
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    I do not.
    Infact, on those days as Independence day or republic day - I wake up early and roam around the city. It gives me a great feeling. Looking at the children moving in those uniforms, the processions and those celebrations - I just feel great.

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    After school years, I used to wake up earlier on Independence Day. That is because, I wanted to her the speeches and celebration repot from Delhi in Radio. Then I used to take a tour of my town to see the national tricolour hoisted at various places. That was a real feeling. It was similar on Republic Day also.
    Later on also I continued the habit of rising up early on Independence Day and Republic Day, because I used to arrange for &/ or attend the flag hoisting functions at office, residential colony etc. I also used to watch the live telecast of events from Delhi and state capitals.
    Last year I had the proud opportunity of hosting our national flag in a local community function on Independence Day.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Yes for people who are habituated to hectic work at the work place, the Independence day would be a blessing for them as they can rise late and there would be national holiday too. But for for me everyday is same and I am awake at the stroke of 4 am and start my daily rituals. In many colonies the Independence day programs are arranged and enlist the participants in large numbers. But we often see handful of participants and only children were present that too with the interest of having some chocolates. Even notices are sent to elders wont bring them to the saluting base on Independence day. For many this day is the holiday and jolly day.
    K Mohan
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    I am an early-riser throughout my life. Irrespective of holidays or working days, I wake up early. So, on Independence Day also, I follow almost the same routine.
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    Most of the people who wake up late on the independence day or republic day are college students. In most colleges, students won't attend the flag hoisting ceremony and so they wake up late. Only the people who view independence day and republic day as holidays do such things. I agree with Mr. Mohan (#575176) in saying that small children attend flag hoisting ceremony for sweets. But, it is okay as they can't know much about independence day or republic day at that age. My father works in a bank. If I didn't feel like attending the flag hoisting in school, I used to attend the flag hoisting at the bank with my father.

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    This is the duty of every Indian to attain the flag hosting near by their place or else just watch live on television, This is to remember for our soldiers, freedom fighters and to tell our children about those past days, Because we were not part of that but got free Independence because of tehir lives and hard work. So My humble request too all members at least wake up early and tell your children, younger brother/sister about the importance of independence so that they can realize and can bring respect for our soldiers.

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