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    What is meant by full address in profile for AdSense Revenue?

    To complete adsence profile 5 out of 6 requirement are needed to be fullfilled one them is to complete profille address.
    How to complete this profile and where to edit more details in profileTo make the profile complete for adscense revenue?
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    Address is most important for AdSense benefits. During approval of AdSense Google used to send a confirmation no./key which needed during online verification. It's only for verification of the person's domicile; either s/he belong to US or any other countries. As there is a certain taxation applicable for US citizens.
    In ISC you too need to mention the same address so that it must match with Google AdSense account. For this you need to go to Dashboard of ISC where you will get a link to edit profile; mention your country and state, as well as write complete address with real name and mobile number there.

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    As far as I understand the AdSense profile page is created by the Google AdSense Review Team based on the information available in the IndiaStudyChannel profile of the member. On the AdSense profile page , there is a section - Member Profile - which contains data like Full name, Gender, Job Title, Employer, Hobby, Country, Total Points and Level. Then there are sections like Membership Level Achievements, Articles by the member, About -------, Awards & Prizes and Member Posts. Such information and data are taken from the member's ISC record for creating AdSense Profile.

    The full postal address is also available with the ISC in cases of authors who receive any payment from the ISC as the same is required to be submitted by the members to the ISC. Since the author of the thread has already won some prize etc., such data is also likely to be available in the ISC database.

    The additional data on the Member's profile page can be added by using the 'Edit Profile' feature made available under 'Manage Profile' section on the 'Member Dashboard'.

    Under 'Optional Information' , data can be added in 'Contact Information' and 'Profile' text boxes. The contact information is not published on the member's ISC profile page.

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    Thanku Naresh sir and Kailash sir to answer my question in detail.
    I have updated my profile now.

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    The six requirements shown in 'View Ad Sense Profile' are as follows.
    1) Profile details with Address updated : You have to fill your profile completely from the 'Edit Profile' under 'Manage Profile' of 'Dashboard'. To approve your Ad Sense account, Google reviews your 'View Ad Sense Profile' page (Number of requirements fulfilled, Information about yourself). So, you should write something (200 words recommended) about you in your profile. Without that, Google may approve your account but there is no guarantee. And, your details like address can be accessed only by you and editors/managing editor/webmasters.
    2) Minimum 10 valid articles approved : As of now, you didn't post any resources. So, this requirement is not fulfilled.
    3) Achieved GOLD Level : You are a gold member. So, this requirement is fulfilled.
    4) Received at least 1 prize : You received many prizes. So, this requirement is fulfilled.
    5) Member Active for 6 months+ : You joined in 2012. So, this requirement is fulfilled.
    6) Profile photo uploaded & verified : You uploaded your profile photo and I presume it is approved. So, this requirement is fulfilled.
    You can apply for Ad Sense from 'Manage Ad Sense Account' under 'Revenue Settings' of 'Dashboard' after five of these six requirements are fulfilled.

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