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    Sign boards showing wrong information about business and products

    Yesterday I just came across a sign board about a healthcare; below there was a tagline as 'a multispecialty unit'. I and my friend discussed over the link between the heading 'ABC Healthcare' and the word 'Multispecialty' as there is no such relations there. It was just mentioned as healthcare; not clearly mentioned the purpose or service of treatment. They which type of multispecialty are there? If a diagnostic centre writes the term, then there could be some meaning. I just want to know the actual meaning of 'Multispecialty' and where it can be used, so that while people making business must not confuse the customers with wrong information.
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    Healthcare is a broad based term encompassing in it a host of services related to maintenance and improvement of health. It may include prevention of diseases, illnesses or injuries as well as diagnosis and treatment of the same.

    On the one hand, the term health care covers providing primary care, secondary care and tertiary care medical services and on the other hand it covers a host of services offered by the medical and paramedical professionals. It includes services offered by the diagnostic laboratories, physiotherapists, dentists, optometrists, nurses, psychologists and the pharmacists also.

    In the broader sense, the term healthcare includes community health services, treatment for substance abuse, offering services to senior citizens and infirms in assisted living and even self-care. Perhaps services like medical massage, yoga therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy and acupuncture also come under the terminology healthcare services.

    As far as the term 'multispeciality' is concerned, it simply means providing service in several medical specialties.

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    Does the health care service mentioned by you really provide a multi speciality service? Multi speciality should mean that the service has products across different types of healthcare requirements. It would be wise to check if the concerned service provider is involved in multiple healthcare products before terming the signboard being wrong in terms of the information provided.
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    This is called marketing technique. For example if you take the present tooth paste or the shampoo pack, the word new is written on the top which emphasis that the product has gone through some quality change or the color combination of wrapper has been changed. Like wise in hospitals there are many services rendered under one roof. For example Cardiology, Nuero, Diabetic and above all the diagnostic services. Now a days nothing is arrived at before taking tests of urine and blood and thus all those services are available under one roof and therefore it is called us multispeciality place.
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    As far as I know, a hospital can be called a multi speciality hospital only if it provides medical services in different areas like Cardio, Nuero, Dental etc,. and has a good infrastructure too. Many people use the words multi speciality and super speciality one for the other. A super speciality hospital is a hospital which provides advanced services in one or more particular areas of medicine. I think the hospital sign board you saw belongs to a big hospital (good infrastructure, provides services in different areas of medicine) or its just a small hospital's marketing technique.

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    Some persons not known well about small business details but posted only an wrong information about that

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