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    Why people print professional symbols on their vehicles

    We regularly come across many vehicles showing symbols for various professions. The most common symbols are that of doctors and lawyers. But nowadays, we are also seeing some names like "Army", "Police", etc. on different vehicles. What do the vehicle owners try to convey by such writings?
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    I guess using the signings that have anything to do with the government services is not allowed by law. By that logic. writing Police or Army on private vehicles is actually against the law.

    As for other professions like doctors, it could be much helpful in times of distress or any kind of calamity. As for what the vehicle owners want to convey may have something to do with their wish to flaunt their profession.

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    The chief aim of placing their professional symbols is to avoid getting stopped and checked by the police. While the Doctor symbol is genuine like a 108 ambulance, I don't appreciate anyone else placing their professional symbol on their vehicles. Mostly, the lawyers and police may not have their valid vehicle documents like valid RC, tax paid certificate, valid insurance certificate and valid driving license. In our country, the law makers are the law breakers.

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    Display of profession of the owner in their vehicles like policemen, media persons, army men, judges has become a fashion nowadays. However, under Section 177 (P) of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), writing of profession on vehicles is a punishable offence.
    The most common such displays on private vehicles of the individuals are 'Media', 'Press', Journalist', 'Police', 'Advocate', 'Army', 'Government' etc.
    In Uttar Pradesh, one can easily find the display like 'Vidhayak' (MLA), 'Purva Vidhayak' (Ex-MLA) and even 'Purva Vidhayak Putra' (Son of Ex-MLA).
    On the Government vehicles, it is mandatory to display the name of the organization and there are well-defined rules regarding display of state emblem of the Government of India.
    The Indian Army has forbidden the display of religious symbols on its vehicles so as to maintain its secular credentials.
    Incidentally, once while travelling in a taxi (a private vehicle being run as a taxi), I inquired from the driver about the display of the words 'Advocate' on the same. The driver told that the vehicle is owned by his elder brother who is an advocate and this is the most effective display to prevent challans. Generally, most of the traffic policemen avoid such vehicles like the dreaded infectious disease plague.

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    I am fully agree with Kailash Sir's (#575212) comment as it is punishable offense to write anything on number plate. The number plate design other than Govt. of India design is also punishable with fines, which now begin in Odisha. In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh the number plates of new vehicles are to be collected from the Regional Transport Office only. I think the same process has implemented in other states too.
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    Yes when we travel on the roads, we find different kind of professional and unwanted writings on the wind screens of the cars. Normally we see the word "Press" which must be mentioned on those vehicles who are really a media person and has the authority to cover the news on behalf of a news reporting agency or channel. But to escape the traffic police check, many people are mentioning the word "Press" and even violating the traffic rules. And another funny mentions I found was that of " Baby on board". By the way one should not bring the small baby on the roads as they would get frightened with honking of high decibel sound made by different vehicles and that would affect the small child. But I just cannot understand as to why such warnings are printed on the wind screen and what it implies to the road users. And another thing I find that the head lights are now made in sodium vapor power and that disturbs the viewing ability of opposite person and for seconds we go blind. That is very dangerous.
    K Mohan
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    In my opinion, people display such signs on their vehicles to let others know about their profession. Its like showing off. I heard that there are rules against displaying such signs on vehicles. So, it is against the law to do such things. A doctor can use such a sign so that he/she can be of help when there is an emergency. But, most doctors use such signs just to show off.

    #575212 (Mr. Kailash Kumar) : Asking out of curiosity, will there be cars with a sign 'Purva Vidhayak Putra' (Son of Ex-MLA) in your state for real? I didn't observe any such sign in my state ever.

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