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    Indian education system is not flexible enough to streamline a student to the desired goal

    Parents and even Indian education system is supporting a kind of mechanical approach in the education. A student always go through the general pattern of tenth standard, plus two or Intermediate, Degree, PG, Ph.D. With little variation after plus two level student may take engineering or medicine or teacher course ( after Inter or Degree level). Parents even the student struggle to cope up with the studies, by hook or crook they make their ward a Degree holder to get into some job. Parents never think any alternative other than to the regular course of studies. Why don't parents and the government to see some better alternative creative courses to train them from the basic level itself which the student study with interest. This type of flexibility in courses will help the mediocre students to excel and do well in their life later rather than struggle to compete with others in life through their mediocre success in their courses. What do you say regarding this issue folks?
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    A major impact on the education system in India is made by the reservation system in admissions which is unique to India. Though the total constitutional reservation percentage is 49.5% only but in certain states, it is more than that also. Thus, for the general category students, maximum only 50.5% seats are available for admission.
    Such a system has led to the establishment of a number of private education institution where such reservation of seats is not applicable and it is possible for the students/parents to buy a seat in an engineering college. The medical colleges are out of reach of most of the students/parents as the capitation fee is very high in such cases.
    However, most of the students/parents don't realize that even after completing their degree course, there is reservation again at the stage of recruitment to various posts. Though sometimes we come across news about the auction of Government jobs ( illegal facilitation of recruitment through bribes etc.) also, but here again like in the case of a medical seat, the cost is unaffordable.
    However, the fact remains that a degree acquired once remains with the individual for lifetime irrespective of its utility.
    Students and parents should opt for skill based ITI course instead. There is no flaw in the system.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In the recent past some colleges have come up with idea of imparting other related courses along with the core subject so that the student would be highly benefited when campus interview takes place. For example my son subject is Chemical Engineering, but he is being taught with basics of computers, java, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and also some knowledge about computer repairing too. Apart from this the oratory and paper presentation skill of the students are also tested with grand program organized by inviting eminent speakers and before them the up coming bright candidates are made to demonstrate their talent.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It is almost impossible to change the entire Indian education system. So, this can be done. Parents/teachers must not force their children to study in a particular way, especially if the child is not interested in it. Instead, they should find what the child/student is interested in and let him/her study so that he/she can be successful. All this runs on a simple fact that anyone can be forced to do anything but no one can be forced to do anything with interest. As knowing something perfectly is better than knowing everything imperfectly, it is better to let a student to study in a way comfortable to him/her. In case a child is not at all interested in studies, parents/teachers must explain to him/her that it is not impossible but less likely to be successful. Then, a student can use his/her talent in the best way possible.

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