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    TV Serials not showing statutory warning of smoking and alcohol; why?

    Since many days, I was observing why the serials like 'Savdhan India', 'Crime Petrol', 'CID' and many more are not showing the statutory warning on smoking and alcohol, which these serials are showing number of such scenes in their episodes. If you don't believe then you can watch today any serial and express here. There is a provision to express a statutory warning disclaimer in movies and TV programs when an actor uses smoking cigarette/bidi or drink alcohol. In movie playing TV channels the statutory warnings are showing in such scenes; then why not in serials?
    What are the statutory warning disclaimer for movies and TV serials?
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    I wont agree with the author. Many television channels are putting the standard statutory warning when ever smoking and drinking scenes are shown. In fact some channels are showing slides of the caution before even starting of film. Even some fillers are shown in between the movie so that the smoker or the drinker gets right message into their head. Just because one or two channels not showing means the government can take action against them. But generally all the South Indian television channels are giving ample warnings through their slides even when broadcasting jokes and bits involving smoking and drinking scenes.
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    The Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Amendment Rules, 2012 notified on 21.09.2012 provides that 'anti-tobacco health warning as a prominent static message is displayed at the bottom of the television screen during the period of display of the tobacco products or their use in the television programmes'.

    Such health warning messages are required to be legible with the font in black color on a white background in the language in which the program is made.

    There is a provision for appropriate punitive action including cancellation or suspension of the license issued to such broadcaster, after giving a reasonable opportunity to explain such failure.

    In such cases, a complaint can be filed against the broadcaster to the Standard and Practices (S&P) Department of the concerned TV Channel. In case a satisfactory reply is not received from the Head of S&P Department of the TV Channel, a complaint can be filed to the Secretary, BCCC C/o Indian Broadcasting Foundation, B-304, 3rd Floor, Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon Marg, New Delhi within two weeks of receipt of reply from the Channel or within three weeks of filing of the complaint to the Channel.

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    No such thing is happening with Telugu serials Mr. Naresh Kumar Behera. I don't watch serials but can't avoid a passing glance while changing channels. Even movies are shown only after a minute long video about the problems a person can face due to smoking, drinking etc,. is played. And, statutory warnings are shown even when one among the five persons on the screen is smoking, drinking etc,. So, this may be the case only with those particular serials. As Mr. Kailash Kumar said in his response #575226, I think a complaint can be filed against the broadcaster.

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