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    Can't we get our payment by paypal ?

    How good it would be if we gets our payment by paypal.Really bank payment option involves rigorous process to follow.Never ISC thought to add paypal option or there are difficulties to add.
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    I think the present payment through bank has been made trouble free now and the members are getting their payment without any hurdles or delay. ISC may not agree for paypal account payment.
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    Kailash ji i agree with you but even after that it also helps international user too.

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    The response #575227 appears to be meant for some other thread as on this thread I have not yet posted my response.

    The thought expressed by the author in this thread appears to have some novelty. Frankly speaking, I don't have full knowledge about the 'PayPal' payment system, Therefore, I have to request the author of this thread to enlighten me as to how the 'PayPal' payment system is better than the existing internet banking system in use for making payment by ISC.

    Regarding the hassles involved in the present system, I don't find any. I use a copy of previous month's filled payment invoice for editing only three data i.e. the date, amount and the invoice number to make it current and upload the same in the system. Sometimes I have received payment within 24 hours also through this system.

    There had been cases when even before the appearance of the announcement thread, I was able to upload my payment invoice as an alert is received when the Webmaster, update the data and the invoice number appears on the profile page under 'Gifts & Awards'.

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    Well I haven't got any payment for this site but I think that we should not change the payment style because as this site is running from many years and there are no member who have complained about the payment procedure, then it means that they are not having any problem regarding the payment procedure, yeah we should change according to the need but I don't think that there is any need to do this, so the present procedure of payment is right and correct, and whereas about Paypal I think there are many of us who haven't experienced it and it will a little bit uneasy for the members to change according to the procedure of Paypal, so let it be as it is, I think there is no need of such things.
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    As there are very less number of foreigners are members of ISC, I don't think there is a need to make payments through PayPal. With the present system, payments are being made very fast and in a very simple way. The three steps See payment announcement & View it in our profile under 'Gifts and Awards' & Upload the previous invoice after modifying date, amount and invoice number take less than five minutes and the the payment is guaranteed to be made within ten days, sometimes in just one day. Anyways, the webmasters may consider this request as there won't be any disadvantages.

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    I do not think there is any need to do away with the current system. For the Indian users, the current system proves to be quite efficient. The steps involved are quite too simple. It just takes a few minutes to complete the invoice template and uploading it completes the task. The payment does get credited to your bank account within a couple of days.

    Paypal is actually a complicated process. Not that I do not have a Paypal account. But, I do not think it is as easy as the current system. Moreover, as far as I know the Paypal system recovers charges for the payment to be transferred to your bank account.

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    #575233, the response seems only to you so because because it is very closely related.Anyway,Paypal is an online payment system and is an American company.

    To all other author ::::::::

    What is the problem to have additional option.

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    @ Purna Prasad Mishra. Paypal is being used for on line shopping in India and for payment transfer for big companies, in ISC we do not need such payment option. To receive fund from this site you just need to give your bank details, like account number, branch address, bank name, IFSC code, which you can find from your pass book or cheque book. SO this is not a time taking job, and with in 1-2 days we get our payment.
    As you want to add paypal as payment method, just add some points of benefit, so that webmaster can think about it. As I know you can not keep your money in paypal in India, it will automatically withdraw to your bank account, then why should you go for this third party transaction , and again you will suffer because of deduction of charge for currency conversion or transaction charge.

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    The present system of payment through RTGS is hassle-free. It is working well, at least for me. Why should we shift to Paypal? The deduction as charge is quite substantial for Paypal. Moreover, payment through Paypal is a more complicated process.
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    @ Kailash Kumar, PAypal is an online payment processor. Like we have banks HDFC, ICICI, SBI etc, there are many online payment processors, like paypal, skrill,payoneer etc.
    What their actual job is, as a customer we can keep money with them either from bank wire transfer or add money through debit or credit card, and you can use that money for sending to other paypal user or to do shopping where you can find a payment option available through paypal.
    Now This concept is widely popular in India, for which we are having Paytm wallet, Aitel money, Vodafone m paisa, Reliance jio money , oxigen cash wallet etc.

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    I could understand current system of payment is hassle free.But in bank transfer, what are the process through which one have to go.

    Okay let list out..
    Check,get information from your dashboard under reward and then again upload with bank information.This discourage one who gets payment lesser than Rs 1000/-.

    In PayPal, just you have to monitor your earning and just you have to provide once,the earning itself get credited into your paypal account.It is actually does by admin and no need to worry you.

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    Purna Prasad,

    Only for the first time payees that a payment is issued lesser than Rs.1000/-. Besides, any payment, no matter how small, and its appearance at the 'Gifts and Awards' tab, is a matter of pride to look at & is hardly something "discouraging"!

    Regarding payment via Paypal, you can refer to Tony Sir's response in this thread. Please try to understand that any site's admin is naturally going to offer a payment mode which is hassle-free for them and which also makes financial sense for them.

    Managing Editor,

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    Can anyone enlighten me about the total fee ( by the name of transaction fee, fixed fee, service charges or whatever it is) charged by the PayPal for receiving and sending a payment of Rs 1,000. I mean how much ISC will have to pay and how much the recipient will have to pay.
    Also, for the purpose of comparison between the PayPal system and IFSC system, fee charged by few main banks may also be intimated.

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    Allow me to put this discussion to end, Paypal doesn't support transaction between two parties both having Indian bank accounts.

    Paypal charges around 4% currency conversion charge.
    It is a simple NEFT payment so nothing is charged by the bank.

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    @Purna Prasad - Kindly refer to your post #575279. From what I understand the entire procedure mentioned by you is quite necessary. It is called creating an invoice for payment. Such invoices are essential whenever any payments are made – especially for online work. It helps the one making the payment keep their official paperwork and finances in order. In this case the invoice helps ISC in maintaining its transaction records.

    These invoices, I am guessing, will be used by the ISC auditors when filing Income Tax returns. They help calculate the total earnings and expenditure blah blah! Without an invoice (from members) establishing that payments were made can be difficult. Invoices just simplify things for ISC.

    @ Kailash – Payment through banks is via RGTS (Real Time Gross Settlement) or NEFT (National Electronics Funds Transfer System). IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) is not a mode for electronic transfer of funds. It is an alphanumeric code prescribed to individual branches of different banks and helps in identifying the bank and branch money has to be transferred to. Each branch of each bank has a different IFSC.

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    Juana (#575317) - Thank you for correction. As a matter of fact at ISC, we receive all payments through NEFT process only as the minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is Rs 2 lakh. Also transaction charges of through NEFT of amounts up to Rs 10,000 is Rs. 2.50 + service tax in case of my bank ICICI.
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    #575317,as far i know ,the auditor also accept paypal's statement as invoices.

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    Let us understand it more deeply. Submitting a payment invoice by the member involves him/her in the process by way of acknowledging the amount credited and having a consensual participation in the transaction. System generated transactions, on the other hand, are devoid of such involvement of the recipients.
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    Purna, when we are having an established system of cash transfer that has been accepted by the members, I don't understand why you want ISC to keep a different option. I don't think it is a nice idea to complicate things by adding more features.
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    Purna Prasad Sharma,

    We have an established payment system that works quite flawlessly.

    Paying through Paypal is not a convenient option for many reasons. First and foremost - Paypal doesn't support paying Indian users by an Indian company. That alone rules out this option for more than 95% of our users.

    Regarding your comment that in case of Paypal, members just have to watch the money coming in and in case of bank transfer, there is a lot of process involved like sending invoice etc. Even if Paypal is used, the process is not going to be simplified in any manner. You will still need to upload invoice and claim the payment.

    Paying through Paypal is actually a complex process in India. We first have to transfer fund from our bank to our Paypal account. Then we have to make a transfer from our Paypal account to your Paypal account. Then Paypal will transfer that money from your Paypal account to your bank account. So, what is the need for this several steps? We can simply transfer the fund from our bank account to your bank account without going through 2 additional steps in Paypal.

    Additionally, Paypal will deduct a big fee from your account for every payment received to your Paypal account.

    Tony John
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    No doubt that Paypal is one of the best online payment system but most of our users have no any ideas about how to connect bank account with Paypal account as well as Paypal has few hard and fast rules for transactions like transaction fee
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