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    How adsense pay to ISC member and how long members reap earning from his/her contents?

    Suppose a thread has been raised and number of responses received by the thread,do the adsense revenue share between the thread raiser and responder or merely the thread raiser is entitled.

    Again the contents that we post at here helps us to reap revenues forever or for a specific time.
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    The revenue earning from this site is purely based on the topic raised and that is viewed on the internet by several net users. We call it ad clicks. Suppose if you raise at topic and that was immediately approved and viewed by many, surely your earnings has been initiated. The site gets 90 percent of the revenue and you get 10 percent. By the way the ads appearing in these pages are not well paid. They are meagerly paid and in that some thing is parted with us as the income. If you write good articles and the visitors are more. surely your adsense earning would also be more. This is what I had observed so far.
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    I don't know much about the AdSense revenue system except the fact that the earnings, if any, gets accumulated at an excruciating pace.

    Regarding the basic issue raised by the author, I remember having gone through discussions regarding the subject matter in the forum section several times. It is said that both the thread initiators and the authors who post responses become eligible for sharing revenue.

    Revenue share bonus is distributed among top twenty contributors who keep the hearth hot. It is almost dead sure that the RSB will be announced in respect of the previous month will be announced on the last day of the current month and cash payment thread generally appears invariably on the first day of the month next to the RSB announcement thread.

    Other than that, many contests are announced from time to time and prizes are awarded to encourage new authors. However, only about few hundred authors are active and a core group of contributors is regular and consistent in posting contents in various sections of ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I read this in one of the forum responses of the managing editor Ms. Vandana. I am not completely sure though. Suppose you raised a forum thread. Some members will post their responses. The number of points earned by each of the member who responded to that thread are calculated. The Ad Sense earnings for that thread are distributed among the members who responded to that thread according to the total points each of them earned from that thread. We can observe that the ads are displayed on only one response at once but not on all of them at once. In this thread, Mr. Kailash Kumar earned 5 points and Mr. Mohan earned 4 points. So, the ads are displayed 5 times in Mr. Kailash Kumar's response and 4 times in Mr. Mohan's response in a total of 9 times.

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    Krishna - I am not fully aware of the logic put forth by you regarding the correlation between the points earned and the number of times the ads get displayed. Can you please elaborate the point a little more.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For article written by the author in this site after approval get 90% of Adsense revenue to the author of the post in addition to the reward money credited to the post and 10% revenue to the ISC site. The adsense revenue got for the articles depend upon the number of views and clicks on the advertisements shown on the post. Quality posts of the author will get more views and clicks on the net. But other posts like forum threads where many people together contribute will get a share of the total earnings for the post according to the quality of responses. Initially one year adsense revenue will be given to all your posts but with your continuous contributions to the site your adsense revenue will be continued year after year basing on your contributions. Otherwise you have to make modifications and improvements to your old articles and on republication your adsense period for the articles will be extended.

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    The following help link can clarify the matter .
    How AdSense revenue sharing works in the forum
    AdSense revenue sharing period is for one year from date of posting the content. However for active users ISC extends it for 2 years.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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