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    Transgenders would be taking part in Independence day parade in Bhopal. Kudos to MP Government.

    For the first time in the History of India, the transgenders are getting the full recognition as the main stream public and they are going to participate in the grand parade and by taking part in the Independence day function at Bhopal , the MP government has surely followed the guidelines of the Supreme court that transgenders should also be treated on par with main public and they should not discriminated. I was watching a video where in many transgenders are learning the march past with dedication. Great step by MP Government.
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    Today, I've also watched a video in facebook about transgenders practicing parade in Bhubaneswar for this year Independence Day Event at Bhubaneswar. Odisha Government too promoting them. Great attempt!
    Naresh Kumar
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    The Supreme Court of India has recognized the transgender people as a socially and economically backward class entitled to reservations in Education and Job. Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014 passed by the Rajya Sabha on 24.04.2015 contains the provision regarding reservations in education and jobs i.e. 2% reservation in government jobs, legal aid, pensions, unemployment allowances and skill development for transgender people.

    The states Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India already have a transgender welfare policy. 'Hijras', a group of transgenders were legally granted voting rights as a third sex in the year 1994. Only during the current year, the state of Kerala has started implementing free Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) through Government hospitals.

    Regarding the participation of the transgenders in Odisha in the independence Day parade this year, there were certain issues regarding the dresss code putting their participation in jeopardy. However, media is talking mainly about the transgenders parade in Odisha instead of Madhya Pradesh.

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    Many people view transgenders like they are not humans. Transgenders are discriminated even now in many places. Many movies are portraying being/behaving like a transgender as comedy. We can see three sexes 'Male' and 'Female' and 'Other' almost everywhere now a days. But, transgenders are not being treated with respect. Even their parents are abandoning them. Due to all this, some of them are forcefully taking money etc,. from males/females. That makes males/females lose respect for transgenders. The cycle repeats. Anyways, it is a good task by the government to support transgender march. By the way Mr. Mohan, you mentioned 'Republic Day' in thread title and 'Independence Day' in thread body.

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    Krishna thanks for point out the error. The heading has been corrected now.
    K Mohan
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