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    First studies and then play. Is this attitude of parents kept children away from reach of Olympics ?

    Every time when the times runs out at the Olympics and India draw nil in the list of medal winners, the discussion raises in many forums as to why there is lethargic attitude on Indian and players who fail to register one gold medal on the first day itself. But on close observation from my side there could be several reasons. We do not have the coach who can teach the level of Olympics to the aspiring sports persons. And the parents who are just chasing the children to study first, complete the home work and then play attitude also may be the reason for children not taking too serious interest on sports which may cast a spell at Olympics ?
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    Being active in the ask expert section I often see questions posted by individuals who wish to become an international cricket player after reaching the age of 24 years or even 28 years. My point is that wishful thinking is not going to yield anything. Succeeding in the arena of sports require outstandingly hard work, focus, concentration, determination, sincerity and an indomitable will to succeed. It requires rigorous training and practice since right age. Succeeding in Olympic like world event require 'tapasya' (penance or austerity) to be precise.

    Generally, we lack requisite will power and find it easy to join an engineering college where the so called 'college life' can be enjoyed at least during the period of studies without bothering for the outcome.

    There is a dearth of the proper environment for nurturing budding talents. Many students participate in the sports event only with a limited objective of getting a job under 'sports quota'.

    Long back I had accompanied my son to Vijayawada for enabling his participation in the junior level CBSE school's national event which was meant for students of age under 14 years. I was astonished to find that students above the age of 16 years were participating in the event for deriving benefits under sports quota in future.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This is the case with our Indians. Almost every parent has one thing in his/her mind. Their children should study well and get a seat in either engineering or medical college in a feeling that engineering and medicine are the only fields in which people can be successful. The duty of a parent is to find what his/her child is interested in. If a child is interested in a sport and is good at it, his/her parents must guide him/her in a way so that he/she can be successful in his/her life. Anyways, success in the field of sports is very difficult as lots and lots of hard work, luck etc,. are needed. So, decision of choosing sports must be taken after proper thinking. In my opinion, sports are not given priority almost everywhere in India. So, some athletes are not being successful even if they have the required potential.

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