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Do you think transgenders are looting you while you are travelling by train? The social problem is being discussed here. Watch on!
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    Transgenders are looting money from people in trains! Do you support or oppose?

    With due regard to the third gender, the author has come up with a very relevant and specific question. This thread has a topic worth discussion and need to be followed.

    One thing we generally find when we travel in a train is that suddenly transgenders enter into the compartments of the train and demand money from the passengers. Passengers out of fear or thinking that something good may happen if they donate money to them are giving away 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 rupee notes without much coercion. But some of these people don't give even to the poor old beggars who are physically handicapped. Even educated youth are prone to this habit of donating money because of some superstition. Previously this was the most common scene in North Indian trains. But this disease has now spread to South Indian trains also. Members do you support or oppose this type of attitude of the transgenders?
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    This is a very relevant post. It is true that transgenders are demanding money from the passengers of buses and trains. In Delhi or in Kolkata, I have seen them standing at major traffic signals and demand money from the drivers of the cars. Earlier, transgenders could be seen only on happy occasions like marriage, child-birth, etc.

    But at the same time, I do know from my personal experience that these people live in sub-human condition. They are mostly not educated and they don't have any other means of livelihood. The Govt. has to think seriously for their education, employment and livelihood.

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    Demanding money by transgenders became a trend nowadays. They don't care anybody, any police or TTE in trains. They particularly focus the people sitting in local trains and local bogies of expresses and those who travel in border areas, like Odisha-Andhra, Odisha-WB, WB-Bihar, WB-Jharkhand, etc. Some transgenders ask politely, and some forcefully. Some people behave so offensively in front of all family members.
    The system when started I've no idea, but it must be a support of government indirectly; as railway police, TTE, and other rail officials won't oppose them for doing so. They're just a kind of big beggars, who loot people's money for their survival. One of the transgender in my city is the president of all Odisha trannsgenders association; s/he (don't know she or he) has a big bungalow and a Benz car of 55lakh at Bhubaneswar. They're making huge money and do funding also, like 9-10, daily interest basis etc.
    I never pay them as they're not physically handicapped, beggars and/or so poor to be kind-hearted.

    Naresh Kumar
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    Begging for money just because you are a transgender should not be allowed. They do not beg as other beggars do. They DEMAND money. They behave like dacoits or bandits. That is solely because they know people would avoid coming in touch with them or arguing with them.

    I would consider it to be a social responsibility on the part of the individuals or NGOs to make the conditions improve. The status of transgenders has improved - I agree, but only on paper and only for the affluent. As far as the middle class, or the poor are concerned, there is still a social stigma attached to the status of transgenders. Nobody likes to be associated with them. What would you expect them to do?

    I understand the sentiments expressed above that they can get jobs anywhere. Well, for discussion's sake - I can agree with it. But is there anyone who provides them with a job opportunity? When you see at the practical situation of the transgenders, you should be able to understand what they should be going through.

    I am not saying that what they do is right, but blaming it squarely on the transgenders alone is unwarranted.

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    Now that the social attitude and the laws have changed, transgenders should get their due right, place and regard and respect in society. Their organisations are taking to streets for getting laws passed and gaining equality in many things. I am reading in newspapers and viewing in TV news that trans genders are now getting good placements. I have even read about an IAS officer who was proud to announce the transgender identity.
    So by and by transgenders also will be employed like all other citizen. Then there may not be any need for them to beg. While many of them are harmless, in certain pockets they are taking to organised crimes also, if we have to believe the random re[ports coming in media since last many years.

    However they will have their side of the story how they are also exploited or looked in disgrace by society-probably till now. Hope things change for positive effects.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    The whole system of our society which has kept this third gender seggregated from common public is the reason behind such happnings.
    Everybody sees only one aspect of the story which is their behaviour like dacoits, but they ignore the reallity that their being harsh and rude is the only thing which has kept them alive in a society where no one sees them as humans.
    They survived all thr odds of society becuase of these superstitions and also they have no option and way of having a livelihood in our country, a country where thrir own parents abandon them for being different.
    If we want to eradicate such superstition and the way of looting by transgender the only way is educating them, giving them equal rights and job opportunities, a better means of living.
    They are not the only one to be blamed for such conditions but the whole attitude of our society towards them, and this policy of seggeragating them and forcing them to live a life in their self made ghettos.

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    According to a news item published on on 09.11.2006, the revenue official at Patna, Bihar had hired 'hijras' or 'eunuchs' (transgender persons) to help in collecting the unpaid tax. A commission @4% was offered to them. They succeeded in their new role while dancing and singing to the beat of drums and wearing bright saris. The revenue officials accompanied the eunuchs with records to settle the outstanding dues on the spot.

    'Hijras' or 'eunuchs' or men who lack external genitalia, are regarded as powerless in India and traditionally make a living on tips for dancing at weddings or blessing newborns. They live at the margin of the society with a very low status. Prior to their recognition as the third gender by the Supreme Court, they had only few employment opportunities. Many used to adopt to extortion i.e. forcing payment by disrupting work/life of the residents by interfering in their work and resorting to dramatic, demonstrative and disruptive activities.

    Indian society is superstitious about the blessings as well as curses of 'hijras' . Their traditional mode of earning was to demand money from families at birth and weddings in lieu of sparing them from their potent curses.

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    Just a day back, a thread was raised about transgenders. In many places of India, transgenders are viewed as cursed people and are discriminated. It is not good. But, there is a cycle. Transgenders are not even accepted by their parents. So, they have sociopath tendencies and do things like demanding money. Due to this, they are viewed different by other people. This repeats. We can see transgenders demanding money not only in trains but also in many other places. I saw transgenders demanding money in every shop of a street one after one. In my opinion, all this will be stopped if three genders are treated equally.

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    Before blaming it all on the transgenders alone, you need to have a look at how we treat them. I will not use a broader term like society or something alike. How does the common man (or woman) like me and you interact with a transgender? Once you are able to see the truth with bare eyes that you will begin finding fault with yourself (or ourselves, that should be the correct word) - not with the transgenders.

    Yes, the recent Supreme Court ruling has made it easy for them to get employment. But, one should note that the changes can only take place in bigger cities and metros. Smaller towns and villages still continue to hold on to the age old belief associated with the third gender. The parents themselves abandon them. With that sort of treatment meted out to them, it is obvious that they will be able to live a life only with the kind of dramatic and demonstrative behaviour they sjhow.

    The highly educated transgenders can opt for better jobs and live a happy life, but what about those who are not much educated? The legislations alone cannot guarantee the improvement in status. There has to be a change in the mindset. Until you can see a change in that direction, I definitely would not blame it on the third gender alone.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    My response to this thread may seem irrelevant and offensive to any or many, but the simplest fact is that it cannot be blamed all on transgender. This has been a very old behaviour of our society to first degrade people based on their genders, groups or ethnicity and then when these people start getting a few benefits out of it, we are again there to criticize on how dare them to get these benefits. In fact, even the 'socio-political' over-drama of caste-based reservations has been there for the same reason. We cannot just blame one group or one party.

    Coming back to the topic of transgender, it is obvious that this is not right to loot people in public places or anywhere for whatever reasons. I have even noticed a few times when they were almost taunting, haunting and arguing to grab more money from people. As far as you have no issues in offering a little amount of money, it should create no troubles, but being indirectly blackmailed for this is totally wrong.

    I had several other points to rise on this, but most of them have been well raised in above comments. I would agree that government of most states has not done anything special for the well being of transgender so far. Basically, they too get born just like males and females do. But still, they have to fight and face a lot to get the equality in society all their lives. Not only government, but even our societies don’t like to find them on our paths as if they are untouchables or something... And this is really pitiful.

    Over the time, if they have accepted it as their official source of earning, what can we do now? Just like there is a business or industry for everything, that is their industry and this is how they make money for their living. And this is not going to change anytime soon unless we as a society don't change our views and behaviour for them.

    Of course, many of my friends may argue on why do not they do work than just begging and looting around. Then I guess, a simple Google search will bring many of such transgender friends who are working on this way and earning in their lives using a legal, respectful way. For the illiterates or uneducated individuals, I understand that it is easy to type in a response that they can do work of labour like other people and earn the legal way, but does anybody ever realize the real picture? Most probably, when a transgender tries to find a little job anywhere, s (he) is mocked and made fun by people. However, these same people can and should think again and invite transgender friends to live and work with them with equality.

    There is a saying which pretty much sums up all of it in a line. It reads as follows-
    "You don't know the truth. You know 'a' truth".

    That is what is there.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    You have stolen the words from my mouth, Ank Arya. It can be quite easy to argue on a forum or a live discussion or in a conference. Well, you may also talk in favour of the transgenders and get a huge applause from those gathered to hear you. But, what after that? Does that alone solve the issues being faced by the third gender? Obviously not. Putting those ideals in real life is what can change the life of those poor souls.

    How many of us arguing here are ready to offer jobs these people? And if someone really wants to give them such offers, will the rest of the society let him/her do that? I strongly doubt it. If I am an employer and want to offer a job to a transgender person, rest of my employees will definitely not let me do it. Maybe I will be blamed of getting "some other" benefits from the person. That is exactly what needs to change. Until that is done. no legislation can improve the status.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014 already passed by the Rajya Sabha on 24 April 2015 contains a provision for reservation of 2% of seats in Government or Government aided educational institutions and in the Government jobs. The other provisions include constitution of national and state level commission for transgender people, special transgender rights courts and a penalty of up to one-year imprisonment with fine for hate speech against transgender people.

    It is estimated that in India there are about 4,50,000 transgender people though few put estimates at around 20,00,000.

    There had been few transgender people in India who have distinguished themselves in different fields like Manabi Bandopadhyay who became the first transgender college principal of the Krishnagar Women's College in Nadia district, West Bengal on 9 June 2015, K. Prithika Yashini who became the first transgender police officer in the state of Tamil Nadu and Shabnam Mausi who was an elected member of the Madhya Pradesh State Legislative Assembly during the period 1998 to 2003.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am not aware exactly about their superstitious power, but the way they behave is very bad. yes I can not blame every one, as some of them just request to give some money and some people attack the male traveller, touch their private parts, even they started commenting, scolding male travellers in front of their family and friends, which force them to give some money. I think Railway police force should take some strict action.

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    Yes it is a big menace and in fact a organized racket with the connivance of police and other officials the transgenders do enter compartments when the TT was not present and behave vulgarly to demand money. Women passengers get terrified on seeing them and they part with even big money to get rid of them. Worst is the situation of general compartment passengers who board that carriage at the last minute due to non availability of tickets and thus they are penalized by these transgenders who seek money for no reason or otherwise they show vulgar gestures. Why the Railway police is not preventing them. I could see groups operating from the open place totally deserted between Basin Bridge and Chennai Central and the Railway Police are not arresting not taking action against them. When made complaint the police are asking us to forgive them as they are not having other income earning sources.
    K Mohan
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    If one behaves properly with transgender people then they won't pressurise you to give money. The first thing people in India do when they see them is laugh at them. People make fun of them and don't want them in the society as normal human being. They resort to these activities because they don't have anything to do and even their family members leave when they are born in our Indian society.

    There are many fake transgender also roaming these days who are mostly unemployed men looking for quick money. It is the job of railway police to crack on them but as we all know in India everyone is corrupt to the core.

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    With due respects to the author, #575321 is a clear indication of how we treat the transgenders. Instead of understanding the real issues being faced by them. we just move forward to blame them. It all depends upon how you behave with them.

    Please note that there are some miscreants who dress up to look like a transgender with the sole aim of getting money.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Though the science has developed to many folds,we are not seeking remedy to recover the transgender people from such status. This will reveal what? we are not allowing them to recover and we are not correct ourselves from mocking them or teasing them or seeing them with different view. They have no alternative to ask money from people and indirectly we ourselves making them to the level of beggars. Some mischievous people of that gender try to exploit into the looting level. But we are all accusing or commenting or criticizing them instead of thinking otherwise.

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    The Kerala Government has taken a decision to introduce free Sex Reassignment Surgeries in Government hospitals. A male to female surgery costs around Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, while female to male surgery costs between Rs 4 lakh to Rs 8 lakh in private hospitals. The process involves counselling for six months to two years and continuous hormone therapy for at least one year under the direct supervision of a physician and long post-surgery observation which is not affordable for most of the transgender people. Sex Reassignment Surgeries require a multi-disciplinary team of urologists, endocrinologists, sexologists and psychologists.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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