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    Injustice to male Central Govt. employees-Child Care Leave

    Child Care Leave (CCL) in respect of female Central Government employees was recommended by the Sixth Central Pay Commission, and this recommendation was accepted by the Government. Female Central Govt. employees having minor children (below 18 years) can be granted CCL by an authority competent to grant leave, for a maximum period of 730 days during their entire service for the purpose of taking care of up to two children, either for rearing or to look after any of their needs like examinations, sickness, etc.

    I welcome this step which indicates the importance of development of children. But my question is: why only female employees? Don't the fathers play any role in bringing up or for the education of their children? Why can't male Govt. employees avail this leave? What about single father who is taking entire responsibility of rearing his child/children?

    I seek the opinion of other Members on this issue.
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    Well, I cannot really understand the view held by the lawmakers with respect to the fatherhood. Even the employers - including private, government or semi-government - appear to have the similar mindset when it comes to the responsibilities of parental care on the part of the father. We have seen this with respect to the paternity leave as well.

    The idea seems to deep rooted in the so called traditions of the bygone era. The concept back then was that it is the responsibility of the woman of the house to take care of their children. Our ancestors do not seem to have understood the feelings of the father when it comes to handling the responsibility and enjoying the fatherhood. The law makers of our nation have been continuing with the same mindset.

    I really like to see the same kind of attention in India that the fatherhood attracts in US or elsewhere

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    As far as maternity leave is concerned , the same cannot be made applicable in the case of male employees, as they themselves don't give birth to the child. Moreover, even after the birth, the baby remains dependent on the mother only as regular nursing and feeding etc. is required.
    Male employees are also entitled for 15 days paternity leave in central Government. Many reputed private companies also extend such facilities to their employees.
    Though I am a staunch supporter of gender equality and will remain so forever, but biologically the males and females are quite different.
    As far as Child Care Leave (CCL) is concerned, that is availed more by the supporting or assisting staff. The career oriented females at a responsible position don't find time to indulge themselves in availing CCL etc. Also, by the time the female employees rise to a senior level, their children cross the age of 18 years rendering the CCL irrelevant.
    During my service period, I have handled many CCL cases. It is better to forget that the employees eligible for CCL are working in the organization, as far as output is concerned.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #575276 (Mr. Kailash Kumar) : I didn't even hear the term 'paternity leave' before. Thanks for mentioning it.

    You raised a good point Mr. Partha Kansabanik. I think it is due to the fact that many people still think males should do job and females should take care of children by staying in home. And, the government didn't even think about single fathers. It would be better if some amendments in the current system are done so that single fathers can avail this kind of leave.

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    Although leave can't be considered a right, the lady employees literally heckle me if the decision regarding CCL is delayed even for a day. Unfortunately, most of the lady employees have taken this leave as their birth-right.
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    First of all I find fault with the expert who gave the advise to the government on child care leave only to the female employees and disregarded the male. In every home the outside works are done by the father not not mother. How come this basic thing was over looked by those who made recommendations to the government on CCL. The mothers are mainly housewives or may be working, but the needs of the child are always looked after by the father and he must be given due respect in the society too. I strongly pitch for the same facility even to the male employees with the recommendation that his immediate subordinate must take the burden of leave pending works.
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