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    Independence day importance, being a child being a parent what is the differnce?

    Every child have most amazing memories related to independence day.
    Even when a child has no knowledge about independence, the excitment he/she feels for this day is unexplainable.
    Children who sees independence day for first time asks a lot of question to his/her mother before going to school.
    I remember proud and excitment my mother used to feel every independence day when she used to made us ready for school.
    how she used to prepare all the things for school?
    How she used to explain importance of independence day?

    I don't know how other parents make their children ready for independence day, but every independence day whenever I remember my school days and my excitment for participating in Independence day.
    It reminds the proud that my mother used to feel while telling stories about independence day.
    Now that I understand what independence and Independence day meants for a country.
    I feel proud about how my mother showed us that relevence and importance of Independence day not only through her words but also through eyes.
    How do you think a parent should make their children learn about independence day?
    What are your experince about independence day both as a child and as parent (if you are) ?
    How your parents taught you about independence day?
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    I vividly remember one particular aspect of getting ready to participate in the Independence Day function at school next morning which was the elaborate exercise of polishing the shoes. I have never seen such an enthusiasm in polishing the shoes as seen as a part of the exercise for getting ready for the Independence Day function, not even for participating in a wedding ceremony.

    Preparation for getting the school uniform well cleaned, starched and impeccably ironed to even out the creases used start much earlier.

    We used to feel proud as if we ourselves are the freedom fighters and our singing the National Anthem with due devotion and aplomb will enable the country to make progress and development.

    Students used to buy a small size tricolor map from the street vendor and display the same at the highest possible point on the roof or terrace. There used to be lapel pin type tricolor also.

    Later in life, I got the opportunity to unfurl the flag also at my office and attended many functions. However, the shoe polishing part always remained important. Perhaps, it was a mark of respect to our national pride.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Most children view independence day as a day on which our tricolor flag is hoisted in the school and chocolates, biscuits etc,. are distributed. Parents may tell a small child the greatness of independence day but he/she cannot understand it. To avoid that, my father used to take me to the flag hoisting ceremony of the bank in which he works. He is a manager for years and so he is the one who hoists the flag and give the first speech. He taught me that national anthem should be given respect. I learnt that independence day is great then. But, I learnt that independence day is very great when I studied the Indian history. Sometimes, I feel bad for the corruption which has grown in our great country. But at the end of the day, I respect our country and feel proud to be an Indian. By the way, Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind!

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    When my children were in schools , surely Independence day means hectic work for the parents. Being the school toppers, surely the management want my children to prepare Independence day speech to be told in front of invitees and also children. The speech has to be prepared with lots of care and the parents help is must for my child. So we must also be ready to do some research and give proper input to the child for best prepared speech. For the parents sometimes the management also calls for a impromptu speech and for that we must be ready with some stuff.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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