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    Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is also a good parenting skill in sibling’s get-together

    Rakshna Bandhan is a Hindu festival; however it was observed that people from Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims do celebrate this ceremony. The main objective of this custom is love and relationship of a brother and sister that stays throughout life piously. The concept of Rakhi is nothing but a sister ties a rakhi (the knot of protection) in her brother's wrist, where the brother promises to protect her. The celebration among siblings continue with sending gifts, hugs, distributing sweets, honouring elders, loving younger, etc. Hence, it is more than a festival and one of the best days for parents to congregate their children.

    A beautiful poem on Rakhi by Rabindranath Tagore:
    "The love in my body and heart
    For the earth's shadow and light
    Has stayed over years.

    With its cares and its hope it has thrown
    A language of its own
    Into blue skies.

    It lives in my joys and glooms
    In the spring night's buds and blooms
    Like a Rakhi-band
    On the Future's hand."
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    The advent of the internet has changed the world as never before. Nowadays, 'rakhi' has become a big online business, though the spirit is getting waned. 'Rakhis' are being ordered to be delivered worldwide in many variants like rakhi sweets, rakhi chocolates, rakhi gifts for sisters, rakhi for brothers, rakhi with a message, rakhi cards, rakhi gift hampers etc.

    The cost of the 'rakhis' has become a status symbol. Diamond studded 'rakhi' costing upward of Rs. 3000 a piece are also available in the market.
    It is being perceived as the 'Sister Day' on the pattern of the 'Friendship Day' in modern parlance. It is the most obvious occasion of offering a gift to the sister.

    One of the mythological stories about the origin of the festival 'Raksha Bandhan' is the Krishna - Draupadi relationship. Krishna considered Draupadi as his friend. Once when Krishna cut his finger, Draupadi had torn off a piece of her sari and bandaged his cut. Krishna had then observed that by her affectionate and caring act, Draupadi had wrapped him in a debt and he had vowed to repay each thread when the occasion arrives which he did at the time of 'Cheer Haran' (disrobing).

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree with the author that through the festival of Rakhi, we are giving the chance to the children to get accustomed and understand the need to have special bonding between a sister and brother. In every home though the parents take all care to facilitate every things to the boy and girl child, it is the brother -sister relations which is close enough to decide on what they want and when. Surely the Rakhi festival throws light on major responsibility which lies on the brother to protect the sister from all evils, bad characters in the society and over being a pillar of strength for ever.
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    Yes, Rakhi is the festival where the parents see their child congregate, sister ties knot in her brother wrist and brother promises to safe his sister from evil spirit. It is one of the festival in India which is meant as very holy and sacred. It is festival where brother tries to make her sister happier than ever by giving her some special gifts which will make her utmost happy. It is the day where one can see the strong bonding of the siblings. More than anyone the most happiest person will be the parents as they see their upbringing in this day, and they become the happiest person after seeing their child nature and values which were taught by them.
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    Rakhsha Bandhan or simply Rakhi is a very important day. On that day, girls tie Rakhi to their brothers' wrist. The brothers give gifts to their sisters and promise that he will take care of his sister no matter how big the problem is. But these days, the tradition is being disintegrated. Instead of seeing the brother's love for sister, people are seeing the cost of rakhi/gift. Anyways, the parents of a boy and girl siblings feel very happy on the day of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi as their children are caring for each other.

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