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    Land where independence started

    I am one of the land where many battles were fought, I am the land where many solider and freedom fighters are died by protecting their own motherland. In the yesteryears, there were many fights fought on me and bloods were spread on me making it look likes an ocean of blood. The loves for the country were in the blood of everyone, everyone wants to struggle for their freedom, the people of India wants the independence for their country. It was so patriotic feeling to see the people love against their own country. People are dying for the respect of their own country as they believe that after they die in the battle field they will get heaven. In the times of struggle the people were having three things in their blood and that is love, sacrifice and utmost respect for their motherland. After so many battles and corpse on me, India finally got the freedom, it achieves what the people want to get and that is Independence.

    But after so many years of Independence there are many patriotic people still now that can re-fight for their nation pride. But instead of that it is also true that the patriotism in many people went down, they become selfish, and they don't think of their land, they just want to fill their own pocket by selling their motherland. Earlier blood were on me because Indians and Britishers were fighting and they get killed in the war and thus their bloods got spread on me but now the bloods are on me because the children of my own land killing his/her own brother/sister for their profit. There are many vast changes which were occur from the struggle days to present, people are changed, their thinking for their nation have changed instead of seeing goodness of others their first priority becomes their own profit. Many bad things were introduce in the country like drugs, heroine and other lethal weapons of destroying the people of India. Law is seems like that it is made for the poor people only, richer get rescued by money. It is seem that the situation of now is going worst day by day and need a very strong ruling in this country to restrict all this evil deeds which has been spread all over the country. I have seen many fights fought on me but these one which the brother kill his own brother hurt me a lot from the past. The freedom fighters died to give us freedom of doing everything which we want to do in our own country and now what the people are doing they are hurting, killing, giving pain to his own countrymen, it is very shame to say that people are not very much positive against their love for the country. There are people who show positive signs of their patriotism but they get backed by some evil ministers and peoples. It is not like that, that the spirit of patriotism is fully forgotten but there are people who don't want others to remember the patriotism.
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    'Shahido ki mazaro par lagenge har baras mele, vatan pe marne walo ka yehi baki nisha hoga' (Every year, fairs will be organized in the area around the tombs of the freedom fighters who have sacrificed their life for the nation as a mark of respect and to pay homage to them).
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    A flower used to say that it wont get satisfied when it was adorned by a woman, or made to adorn a God photo or sculpture. But it would certainly feel happy to adorn the on the person who fought for the freedom of the country.
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    A good attempt from the author. I enjoyed reading it. I hope that the author would definitely hone his writing skill to develop better story.
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    Thanks for all your love which you all showered on me, I know that I am not so good but I am trying to learn from this site. I pray and I hope that you all will with me to help me out from any situation.
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