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    What are the most common hobbies of people nowadays?

    People have certain activities which they perform when they have their own time. Such activities are performed for pleasure, relaxation or as a pastime and invariably involve much interest and enthusiasm.

    The classical way of initiating a conversation had, since ages, been to ask about the hobbies when the two people meet the first time. The most common types of responses given to such queries are generally drawing, painting, music, photography , cooking and such other many things.

    However, perhaps the scenario has much changed since then. Nowadays, most of the people remain busy on the internet related activities like browsing or chatting or playing video games - online or otherwise.

    What are the most common hobbies of people nowadays?
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    I'm really busy writing anything online, which obviously a part of my hobby. Apart from writing, I do painting (but didn't do anything in last 6 months), singing (just now with me), travelling (every year 2-3 outstations; last month I went to Tibetan temple & colony at Chandragiri, Ganjam district of Odisha), watching movies (last movie was Kabali or Rajnikanth), and recently I started gardening also.
    As the author mentioned in this thread people nowadays are completely wasting their time with internet and with mobile, chatting in WhatsApp/messenger/hike etc. People rarely visit to theatres for movies, visit parks, gardens and sea beach nearby my town. Actually people are either busy with their profession (making money) or don't know how to make a good hobby!
    Make a hobby for good health!

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Well hobbies cannot be traditional or copied from others. It is the prejudice of concerned persons to follow a hobby of his own and there cannot be third party intervention and influence. For example my son's hobby is to read books and he down loads lots of books from the internet and keep on reading. Likewise my daughter has the niche of making images for any portion she is studying and thus she created a place for her through that hobby. I am having the hobby of writing contents to this site and getting solace. My wife is expert in making innovative things through papers. That is her hobby.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Is remaining busy on the internet , either for browsing or chatting or gaming can be said to be a hobby?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    These days, hobbies of people are as follows. 1) Internet 2) Internet … I heard this joke related to this context. "If you want to have a meeting with your family members, disconnect the WiFi modem/access point and wait in that room." Likewise, many people are spending most of their time in the internet. In my opinion, most of the people use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc,. in the internet. Shut them down and there will be a drastic reduction in the internet usage. Some people are obsessed with video games. Case in point, my brother. He plays a video game if he gets even a half hour for free. I and my parents always warn him to stop playing video games. Luckily, he is changing these days. On the other hand, some people have different hobbies like learning, solving puzzles etc,. I think most of the ISC members belong to this some people.

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