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    Petitions for mercy deaths are increasing-who will be responsible for this type of situation?

    Recently we are seeing in news items, many parents are filing petitions in courts for the mercy deaths of their wards as they are suffering from severe ailments. Many of the parents after expending lots of money on them for treatment and unable to bear further expenditure on them they are filing these mercy petitions. It is really sad to reach such a situation by any of the parents in our human society. This is all happening because the medical charges are heavy even for rich people to get treatment for severe ailments. We can imagine the situation of these parents with their hard labor at maximum they can full fill their daily needs. To spend 5 lacs, 10 or 15 lacs to treat the severe ailments is impossible for them. Governments have to take some social responsibility otherwise the trend for mercy death petitions number will increase in due course and a social alarm will be created. Members share your ideas who has to take responsibility in such situations.
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    Without being inhuman, let us consider few associated facts. Consider an individual who is terminally ill and cannot recover. In such cases even if more funds are granted by the Government or any other organization, then what is the use of that in case the patient is not in a position to recover and restore to normal life. What is the use of keeping him/her on life support systems?

    Many people die due to various reasons including non-affordability of the medical cost. But at the same, it is also true that irrespective of the funds granted to treat an individual, one day he/she will have to go. Therefore, the purpose and objective of the euthanasia petitions is not clear to me. It is more like embarrassing the concerned authorities. Why to involve courts or Government authorities in such matters? The family members should take their own decisions in such matters.

    Even the Government cannot do much in such cases. The Government is not the God.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes the medical treatment costs for some new ailments are really high and the ordinary persons cannot cope up with the escalating cost and there is no guarantee afterwards that the person would live for long years. The government hospitals are not having the expertise to treat new and special ailments and thus people are forced to approach private hospitals who are ruthlessly looting the public even at the cost of keeping the dead body for few hours in ICU claiming advanced treatment and thus force the attendants of the patients to part with huge money at once. In that case those who cannot afford has to make mercy petition to kill the patient.
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    Mr. Kailash,
    Some of the cases what I am talking is because of exuberant cost of treatment which needs 10 or 15 lacs like that poor parents are notable to cope with such huge amounts and are asking for mercy petitions. Today itself I have seen such news item in news paper. Doctors also reject such mercy killing appeals from parents where a possibility of treatment is there but they cannot treat because they do not bear the cost of the treatment. What you are talking about the family members decision in such cases.

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    In such cases, there is no relevance of adopting to practices like seeking permission for withdrawing life support systems. They should come forward and make an appeal to the Government of other donor organizations for donations. We come across many such appeals from time to time. My point is that instead of making the case dramatic by submitting euthanasia petitions etc. all possible efforts should be made for providing the treatment. From the Government point of view, all citizens are equal and all efforts are made by providing facilities in the Government hospitals. Many wealthy individuals avail air ambulance services and even go to the developed countries but at their own cost. Such facilities cannot be provided to all the citizens in a routine.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Even hearing about such situations makes me sad. The cost of medical treatment for some health ailments is very high. There are some treatments which cost more than 25 lakhs. Only rich people can afford such treatments but poor and middle class people cannot. In case they managed to get the required money, even after the treatment, there is no guarantee that the patient will live. Not being inhuman but petitions for mercy deaths must not be rejected. If a person is dead, his/her parents can get out of sad after some days or months. If a person is living with extreme pain i.e. torture, not only him/her but also his/her parents will suffer. So, it would be better if government either provides free treatment or accepts mercy death petition. Anyway, situations like this can be understood better when one experiences it but not the others. This is just my opinion and I am not being inhuman.

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