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    The irrepressible urge of people to show themselves as modern and sophisticated?

    Almost all people have an irrepressible urge to project themselves as being modern and sophisticated.

    I am not against being modern or sophisticated. My observation is directed toward people who fake as being so without making any genuine effort to keep pace with the contemporary trends.

    The easiest and most popular means adopted by such people is to wear latest fashionable dresses even at the cost of discomfort.

    Nowadays, many children have created their parent's Facebook accounts so as to put them on the same pedestal as occupied by the parents of their classmates or friends.

    Let us share information about the various tactics adopted by the people for portraying themselves as a modern and contemporary individual.
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    The main attitude of any person is to get noticed and want to have a good review about their looks, style, personality and above all the dressing sense. I find many women dress for others and not for even the appreciation of her husband or children. I have also noticed that women are more concerned about owning a smart phone first and other things next. If there is no smart phone in her hand , she has no value in the society. Whether the smart phone is dummy piece or not , never mind, but having a big phone in the palm has become a necessity and fashion for all.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Being modern and sophisticated can have different meanings for every individual. As long as clothing and looks department is concerned, I personally think that I am the least concerned about the same. In fact, I am being aware this case of people making accounts in the name of parents, only after reading the words from author.

    From where I stand and live, the definition of being modern and sophisticated goes like this... Whether it is girl or guy, they are always dressed well and EverReady for taking selfies. Most of these pictures are overly filtered by different apps and features like Beautify, Big Eyes (almost like grey aliens) which only hints one common fact; They don't find them good looking without those filters. After applying enough shades and filters, they become modern. In fact, many selfie addicts have many pictures with themselves, friends, strangers but none with their own family. Even while being with their families, they are actually busy with their smartphones for normal browsing or chitchat, so much so that they can be assumed as not existing where they are physically present. Whenever you meet people, they don't look much interested to actually talk to you. Instead, they will insist you to connect with them on WhatsApp. And then after a casual hi and hello, all that goes on is some jokes, photos and data eating videos. In fact, many of us will notice that they person who has been sending such media to us over all these months has not actually talks or chatted with us since decades. That is the new thing in about being modern.

    Regarding other things, I think everything that we are faking nowadays is simply what is called as the new definition of being modern and sophisticated. It is all about being formal and then faking everything to the core.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    These days, people are just cheating themselves. They are doing everything (not help though) for others but not for themselves. Some days back, I saw two girls fighting. Do you know the reason? One girl's selfie got more likes than the other. I felt like slapping them. There are many people who won't even come out of their house without a makeup. This behavior shows that they don't even like their faces. Not only females, males are also doing similar things. Recently, a 19 year old boy died from drowning because he wanted to make a video of him swimming. He gave the camera to another boy who stood at the shore as he don't know how to swim. By the time this boy called for help, everything is over. It is better to be ourselves instead of changing for others that too when there is discomfort. There is no need to project ourselves as modern or sophisticated. It will be automatically done once we start to be ourselves.

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    Nowadays, the latest trend is to download Pokemon Go. The aunties are competing with each other in posting contents and sharing pics on social sites. There is no application of mind is using apps.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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