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    TOW- Topic for the week 31st July to 06th August '16- Side effects- Winners!

    With due apologies for the delay, I am announcing the TOW winners in a few words.

    The Thread of the Week award goes to ar for her marvelous and very relevant thread The side effects of childhood fame as to how, becoming famous as a kid affects one's childhood . I think she has brought in an issue which need to be analysed and corrected for the benefit of our society; particularly keeping in view the realty shows on channels and the not so real truths behind the screen.

    The Special Prize winning entries are-

    Divya for her very unique thought Side effects of being a pessimist. It is a well written piece with lot of inputs which can guide us when we tend ( as is human nature) to be pessimistic.

    Sushma for her appreciation of ground realities at Strict parents and side effect on their children which throws light on the side effects of being too strict with our children. I feel that she has brought out the crux that it is understanding that matters more these days.

    Jeets for bringing out a different thought about Side effects of India Study and has actually pinpointed our weakness being an ISCian and I think he has frankly stated the truth.

    It may be noted that we had threads similar in contents and expression, and none of them were standing behind, but our endeavor was to look for something which have a different thought and expression; and so the results. All eligible threads would be appreciated suitably.

    Friends, please take the pleasure in joining me to congratulate the winners!
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    My heartiest congratulation to ar, divya, sushma and Jeets for winning Thread of the Week awards.
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    Congratulations AR( it is indeed difficult to pronounce her name), Jeet, sushma and Divya. You have proved your mettle by being creative.

    Congrats again.

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    My heartiest congratulations to the winner of the award ar and special prize winners - Divya, Sushma and Jeets.
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    My heartiest congratulations to ar, Divya, Sushma and Jeet for getting a beautiful award as TOW on topic side effects.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Congratulations to ar for being the winner of the contest and my best wishes also goes to Divya, Sushma and Jeets.for getting special prizes.

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    Congratulations to Ms. ar for winning the TOW contest. My best wishes to Ms. Divya, Ms. Sushma and Mr. Jeets for getting special prizes. Waiting for similar creative and though-provoking threads from all of them in future.
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    My best wishes and Congratulations to Ar for being the winner of the contest and my best appreciation also goes to Divya, Sushma and Jeets. for getting special prizes.
    K Mohan
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    Thank you dear members and editors for your appreciation of my thread.Congrats to the special prize winners Ms Diya,Sushma and Mr Jeets
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    My heartiest wishes and congratulations for the winner of the contest AR and for the appreciation winner to Divya, Susham and Jeets. Keep this hard work as hard works are really appreciated here.
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    Congratulations to Ms. ar for winning the TOW contest and to Ms. Divya, Ms. sushma, Mr. Jeets for getting special prizes. You all got what you deserve. Hope you all get many more awards and rewards in future.

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    Congratulations to all the winners AR, Divya and Sushma. Wish them all the best and good luck. Thank you Admins for selecting my threads for the special award.
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    Congratulations to the winner Ar and special winners Ms. Divya, Ms. sushma, Mr. Jeets for TOW contest.

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    Congratulations to AR, Sushma, Divya and Jeets.
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