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    Tennis costumes in Olympic: 1900 to 2016; really remarkable

    Olympic costumes 2016

    If you see the image of Tennis in Olympics, there is a lot of variation in 'Paris 1900 - PREVOST Hélène (France) 2ndin ladies' single and mixed double' and 2016 Olympics costumes. After seeing the image of 1900, I'm really astonished how the player wore a heavy dress while playing tennis! It is because, tennis is a completely to-and-fro movement game; wearing such a heavy gown really took that much of energy and stamina for her. It seems people at that time are very energetic and healthier.
    What you say; it was just a costume at that time or really they deserve what I say before? Is there any particular costume for tennis in Olympics? Please post preciously.
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    It is a fact that old people were more stronger in our age. For example, my grand father can work for more time than me. He wakes up at 3 AM and does exercise everyday. He is still healthy. In my opinion, the food etc,. eaten by old people when they were in our age made them that strong. What we are eating now is a part pesticide. And, we won't live for long as our parents and grand parents. We can't even stay for sometime in hot climate. Those days, people used to walk for hours in sunlight everyday. So, I think that both the tennis players are equally comfortable. But, it is obvious that the strength of the right player (Ana Ivanovic) is just a fraction of the strength of the left player. For a clear information on the evolution of costumes of tennis players, refer "".

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    The invention of the fiber spandex or lycra in the late fifties revolutionised the sports wear. It is a synthetic fiber made of polyester-polyurethane copolymer and has exceptional elasticity and stronger and more durable than natural rubber. Spandex is usually mixed with cotton or polyester for making fabric for clothes. It is widely used in active sportswear.

    Women started playing tennis in the 1860s. In the beginning, the female tennis players used to wear modest clothing like high-collared blouses and long bustle skirts made of heavy materials such as serge or flannel. In the post-World War II period, women tennis players started wearing short sleeved shirts, shorts or skirts and caps. The bold fashion trend of tennis dress is continuing since then.

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    After making due comparison of the images appended above, it is quite clear that there was lots of transformation in out fit that has gone a sea change since 116 years and the present dress code worn by the Tennis sports persons are having free movement of their body and thus feel elated to play the game with grit and valor.
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    Kailash Sir thanks for putting complete description on tennis costumes and the changing trends.
    Naresh Kumar
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