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    Do you want to know the pulse of the leaders and people 70 years back on Independence day!

    A happy and prosperous Independence day to all our ISC members and all our Indians wherever they are residing. Every Indian will think about the past, the leaders and the people who fought for our Independence especially on this day. Sometimes we think and imagine about 15 th August, 1947 the day on which we got independence and what is the pulse and heart beat of the people at that movement. Here I am providing the links of some of the news editions of that great day and also the neat video coverage editions of that great movement by Indian Express. I request members to go through and feel inspired by our past generation in getting Independence for India. Go through below video archival you will really feel the live proud movement of that great day 15th August, 1947.

    Video coverage link:-

    15th August, 1947 News paper edition links:-
    www.images of independence day 15th august-1947 news paper
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    Thank you Mr. Ramakrishna Kambhampati for giving links to some amazing articles related to Indian independence. All the people at that time were ruled by Britishers until that day i.e. their entire lifetime. Even imagining their feelings on that day makes us feel happy. Its like getting out of a jail after long time where going to jail is due to wrong conviction. We, Indians are peaceful (wrong conviction) and won't attack other countries. We are not even attacking Pakistan which is responsible for majority of the terrorism in our country. But, we are ruled by British (going to jail). There may not be many freedom fighters living now but they all feel very proud today for sure. By the way, I didn't watch any of the videos (for now) provided in the link you mentioned as it takes time. I will definitely watch them tomorrow. Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind!

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    When we travel down the memory line of 70 years back, surely we would be benefited to know the struggles and sacrifices of those leaders who fought for our freedom with much grit and gusto but silently. In those days there was no much media activities and thus many sacrifices of great freedom fighters could not recorded and kept. Nevertheless the links given by the author testifies that without the sacrifices of many, we could not achieve the great Independence and we are duty bound to know about them. I am also thanking Indian Express paper for taking this rare initiative.
    K Mohan
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