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    Sun's 'GO' contest as Independence day entertainment

    Jai Hind.
    Dear Members,
    Why not we enjoy some fun on this lovely I Day. I think my 'GO' contest can entertain you . Do you wonder what is GO ? 'GO' is similar to GA (Guess the Author). To be different from our ME's GA, I thought of having it as GO (Guess the Originator). What you should do?

    Members should give a write-up in 5 sentences (5 sentences only)on the topic "Independence Day", and send it to my e-mail ID '' (Please do not mention that you have sent a mail to me. It should remain secret) On receipt of all your e-mails, I shall create a new thread, and post all the write-ups received without mentioning the name of the originator.

    Now members should try and guess the Originators of those write ups.

    Your e-mail should reach me by 2359 hrs(IST) today. And then watch for my contest thread.

    This thread will be used only for your views, comments, doubts and queries only.

    Jai Hind.
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    The time is up. I was greatly disappointed with the poor enthusiasm of our dear members who were present in this site on our Independence day, but failed to respond my call to send a write-up on Independence day.

    Doesn't matter. I have received only one write-up from an enthusiastic member. I have planned to go ahead with my GO contest with a single response . Something is better than nothing. This one good write-up from a very sincere ISCian, and is worth many write-ups for the contest. The GO is ON in a separate thread.

    This thread will remain open for your good comments.

    May I know the reason why members are not interested in such lovely contests?

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I am really sorry that I completely missed this thread on 15th August. However, I am also astonished by the poor response received against this beautiful thread.
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